Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Day 90

Day 180

The temperature outside hit 100 degrees today. The humidity was, mercifully, under 40%, if only just. It was just the sort of day for staying inside with the A/C running or frolicking around in the sprinklers. We did neither of those.

We headed out the door around 9:30 and made our way to the library. I picked up a couple of Christopher Buckley books for myself (Boomsday and Little Green Men) and a few books for Soren. He specifically requested Gray Rabbit's 1, 2, 3, and I also got him The Little Fire Engine and The Little Train, both by Lois Lenski and first published in the 1940s. They're a bit dated (the train is a coal-powered steam engine), but he seems to really like them so far, if the number of times he's asked to read them is any indication. I love that he loves books and reading. I'm excited to start slowly introducing him to longer books as his attention span grows.

After the library, we met A and his mom at the shaded rec center playground. I had my 6 month post partum follow-up appointment with the midwife (I know, 6 months...can you believe it?), and A's mom kindly offered to watch Soren while Eleri and I took care of that. When I got back to the playground an hour later, both boys were sweaty and flushed, but grinning. I'm so glad they get along well.

The rest of the day was pretty standard. Lunch, books, naps (for the girl-o), dinner, bedtime. Tom has a make-up soccer game tonight, so hopefully everything goes well for him! I know he's glad to be back to playing again.


MC Squared said...

I'm loving the tweets. Don't feel you have to respond to my comments at all. It gets confusing to see @SoAndSo in the Soren Says box.

susan said...

Yeah, I forgot that responses and original tweets show up in the same feed. You'll notice I only did it once. ;) I'm glad you are enjoying them though. It's fun for me, too.