Monday, July 26, 2010

It's official; she's a crawler.

Day 110

Day 200

Looking back, I feel like Soren didn't have a lot of really definite, clear-cut "firsts." I clearly remember the first time he laughed, the day before he turned 4 months old. But sitting/crawling/walking/talking all kind of seemed to happen gradually. Somewhere along the way he went from sorta managing to do whatever skill to pulling it off competently, leaving me wondering when the heck that happened. So I've been trying to make a point of watching Eleri more closely, doing my best to catch that first time that "sorta" becomes "definitely."

(I know that sounds backwards. Isn't it more common to fixate on every tiny milestone with the first kid and then just kind of adopt a "been there, seen that" attitude with the next one? I blame the haze of sleep deprivation, the first time around.)

Anyway, this evening was one of those sorta-to-definitely moments. For a week or so now, Eleri's been starting to try to crawl. She would get one hand or knee ahead of the other and then fall over or stretch back out on her belly to rest. It was cute, but not genuine forward locomotion. This weekend, she managed, a couple of times, to put two crawl "steps" together in a row before collapsing. Close. Proto-crawling, if you will, but still not quite the real deal. Tonight, however, she was on our bed at one end, and the laptop (which she desperately wanted) was at the other end. And very slowly and calmly, but with determination, she crawled from one side of the bed to the other to claim her prize. (Which I promptly took away before she could chew on it. I know, my cruelty knows no bounds.) It was just one of those, "yep, she has clearly got this figured out now" moments.

Since we started out with this evening's big news, we can just proceed through the day in reverse. Why not?

A tiny bit of backstory before this next tidbit. For a while now, Tom's been occasionally saying to Soren things like, "Listen to your mother. Ask your mother. Go with your mother. Give that to your mother." You get the picture. It's not all the time, but it's enough that Soren's started to address me, every once in a while, as "my mother." Which, for whatever reason, weirds me out. Tom says it's just a word, just another parental title, but to me, it makes a difference whether I'm "Mommy" or "Mother" as far as the kids are concerned. Anyway. I've since mentioned this to Tom, and though he thinks I'm weird for caring, he is now aware of how I feel about it.

Fast forward to today, when I returned home from running at the gym. I walked in the door, and both Soren and Eleri looked up at me with big smiles, and then Soren began chanting "Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother!" (At which point Tom turned to me and said, "I swear I didn't put him up to that.") Sigh.

Backing up a bit further, to my run. This week it's 28 minutes at a stretch, and today I stayed above a 6mph average pace, if only slightly, to complete a distance of 2.81 miles. It was tiring, but definitely doable. I think by next week I'll have no trouble going the full 30 minutes/3.1 miles.

Earlier in the afternoon, Soren and I had a very low intensity battle of wills, which I ultimately won. (A rare victory!) He was begging for a quesadilla, but I wanted him to pick up some of the mess he'd made, first. When I laid out the terms of a quid pro quesadilla arrangement to him, he promptly made an even bigger mess. So I waited him out. And when he asked again for a quesadilla, I made it clear, without raising my voice, that I would happily make him one if he picked up the blankets and pillows he'd strewn throughout the living room. And then I went back to reading. It took a little while, but eventually I looked up to see him putting the things away, all on his own. It was a glorious moment for me.

This morning was another Zoom Around the Room class. Soren had a fabulous time, as always. Toward the end of the "free play" portion of the class, the instructor set up a little obstacle course and led all the kids through it a few times. Soren followed directions really well! Obviously it helped that there were 7 or 8 other little kids all doing the same thing, following on in a line, but I was still impressed with him.

And that was our Monday! Join us tomorrow, when we'll have spray park adventures to share.


Anonymous said...

Oh noes!

ml said...

nice that eleri is crawling but now double running around for you!! these will battles with soren are pretty interesting to read about!