Monday, July 19, 2010


Whoops. Kind of got way behind, there. Let's get caught up!


Day 98

Day 188

Highlights for Wednesday include a bit of rain, both kids napping, and Eleri sitting up on her own for so long that I stopped counting after 10 minutes. Pretty good! I slogged my way through a bit of calculus while the weasels napped, but I didn't make as much progress as I would have liked. Oh well.


Day 99

Day 189

Thursday we attended our first session of "preschool." Some moms in the playgroup set up a co-op homeschool group, which we're going to check out for the summer. The setup seems to be pretty similar to a regular playgroup meetup, with the addition of a sit-down snack and lunch, plus some stories and skills oriented play. Thursday, for example, the kids played with colored bean bags and corresponding colored construction paper. They matched up the colors for a few minutes, then decided it would be more fun to toss the bean bags around, which was fine. Before that, however, they discovered two big bins that had filled up with rainwater from Wednesday night's storm. Soren was soaked, head to toe, before we'd even been there half an hour. Thank goodness for foresight and spare clothes.

There is a strong focus on manners, so the kids are asked to respond with "yes please" or "no thank you" when offered food at snack/lunch time. It's really effective, since there's repetition and reinforcement with everyone saying it. (As we were driving home afterward, Soren was chattering to himself in the back seat, saying, "Fries? No thank you! Nuggets? Yes please! Drink? Yes please!") So that's pretty cool.

I remembered to bring the Bumbo seat, so I could set Eleri down from time to time and be available to help with things. The first time I put her in it, one of the moms said something along the lines of, "Oh, has she graduated to be out of the front pack?" I replied that it was really just that I usually forgot to bring the seat along, and she said, "Oh, I just thought you were really into baby-wearing!" Hehe. I mean, I'm happy to wear the kids - certainly it beats the heck out of carrying around the car seat - but I'm not fanatical about it or anything.

A trip to Target was on the agenda for the afternoon. I've been meaning to pick up a couple of stainless steel water bottles for a while now, and I actually remembered about it when we got to the store on Thursday. I let Soren choose his own bottle; he picked a pink one with flowers on it. ;)


Day 100

Day 190

Friday was another preschool day. One of the kids was having a pretty bad day, plus it was brutally hot, so we stayed indoors and didn't end up doing all that much school-related stuff. It was all right, though. The kids got some play time in, and that's ultimately good enough for me.

Our friend ML from California arrived in town, so the kids and I went over to Max and Agnes's in the afternoon to visit. Tom met us there after work. ML and I strolled Soren & Eleri through the hot afternoon sun to Trader Joe's to pick up some foodstuffs, and back at the house there were tasty biscuits, lamb tips, choucroute with sausage, and tomato/cucumber/blueberry salad for dinner. It was nice to visit with friends, and Soren was full of energy and cuteness. And mischief. It was all we could do to keep him from washing his hands in Spork(the cat)'s drinking water fountain. Eleri did really well with all the socializing; she got a little grumpy after dinner, but it didn't take long for her to fall asleep on my shoulder.

When we got back home afterward, we ran into a guy at the elevator who was walking his Chihuahua and Pekingese. Soren declared, "It's a doggie and a chicken!" and we just about died of laughter.


Day 101

Day 191

Saturday morning I had such a good riding lesson. It was another really hot day, so after about the first half of the lesson in the arena, N gave us the option of heading out to the loop field to play. The loop field is a hilly pasture that's been turned into kind of a track, with an electric fence set up about 20 feet inside the outer wooden fence. We each got to take 3 turns around the loop, doing whatever we wanted to do. Chaka and I were totally on the same page in thinking that a nice gallop up the hill was in order. So we did, and it was incredibly fun. It put me in a smiley mood for the rest of the day.

Later in the afternoon, Max & ML came over to hang out. Tom made tasty guacamole, which Soren alternately calls "quahcamole" and "hawkamole." Later, Soren helped Tom make pizzas for dinner. Dinner was a little late, and Soren (after running many laps around the dining table earlier in the day) couldn't stay awake through it. But since it was already near bedtime, we went ahead and put him in his bed and just let him sleep. He ended up staying asleep for the rest of the night! Hehe. Not bad.


Day 102

Day 192

Sunday morning we got up and headed out early to go to Hollin Farms, where we met Chris & Sarah and picked some produce. The farm's about an hour away, and it was a pretty drive through some of the more rural parts of northern Virginia. (Well, most of the drive was on Route 66, but it got a bit rural toward the end.) It's peach season, and that's apparently a pretty big crop around here, so there were peaches aplenty to be picked. Unfortunately, that's just about all there was. I was disappointed to discover, when we got there, that the berry bushes were off limits (the woman said they were "all picked out" but it looked like there were plenty of raspberries still there and ripe). Most of the other crops were too young, with all the ripened fruits and vegetables already snatched up. Oh well. It was still a fun morning, and Soren seemed to enjoy frolicking through the grove of peach trees, helping to pick the fruits that were low enough for him to reach.

The rest of the day, we took it easy. We started to watch our way through the backlog of Deadliest Catch on our Tivo. I've been putting it off, since I knew we were only a few episodes away from the death of Captain Phil. We didn't quite get all the way through it, but we made a dent. Sad stuff.

Sunday afternoon and evening, all the way until bedtime, Soren had a very successful stretch of potty training time. He wore his big boy underpants for about 6 hours with no accidents! Not bad at all. I know better than to hope he's suddenly figured it all out, but we'll take progress where we can find it.

Whew! Now we're caught up. Monday's post and last week's video will, hopefully, both be up tomorrow.


MC Squared said...

Great post, it may have inspired me.

Did you guys stop getting the box of fresh produce delivered to your door?

susan said...

Yeah, we just weren't using the stuff fast enough to get through it all before it went bad.

Anonymous said...

Soren's hair is getting wild, indeed. Brought home by the picture with children X sitting across from him ;)

susan said...

Yeah, I meant to trim his hairs last night before bathtime, but I forgot. He's definitely due.