Monday, July 12, 2010

Rain & Riding & Rest & Real Food


Day 94

Day 184

Saturday morning we awoke to a warm summer rain falling outside. Given the choice between 90% humidity and 100% humidity, I'll take actual precipitation over general swampiness any day. Off through the rain I drove, to what would end up being a pretty great riding lesson. I got to ride a really fun pony named Chaka. He's speedy and kind of a stinker, but if you ride him well he'll reward you with this excellent, uphill frame. Plus his canter is about the most fun thing I've experienced on horseback in years. N says she'll let me stick with him for a little while, since I do a good job riding him, so that's awesome! Yay!

The penultimate World Cup game was on after I got home, so we watched that. Well, Tom watched it; I watched some of it, but I also dozed off a few times and read my book a bit. Not much else of note for Saturday.


Day 95

Day 185

Eleri's started to get more grumpy about the whole teething business. No fever yet, thank goodness, but she's a little tougher to settle. We've been freezing one of the teether toys for her to chew on, and she seems to like that. Nevertheless, she was pretty fussy on Sunday morning, so when the start time of the World Cup final rolled around, I took her with me to the store so Tom could watch at least the first half of the game in (relative) peace. It actually works out pretty well; the infant-stage hollering gets to Tom sooner than it gets to me, whereas I lose patience with the toddler tantrums and whining well before Tom does. So we can split up the kids and both consider ourselves "getting a break."

Sunday was pretty much a rest day for all. Even Soren took a nap! A rare gift, indeed. At dinner time, Eleri had her first taste of "real" food. I pureed some butternut squash for her (thinned out with a bit of breastmilk), and though she wasn't quite sure what to make of it, she was intrigued and eager to try. I'm a little out of practice feeding mush to people who don't know how to eat, so we made a bit of a mess, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Silly little girl. I caught a bit of the squash-fest on video and will be uploading it sometime soon. :)

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