Friday, July 02, 2010

Ride jer pony!

Day 86

Day 176

At the back of our building is a delivery dock slash garbage and recycling area slash informal junk swap area. Tom seems to have an eye for picking out - and bringing up - gently used but still useful items. (I still question the wisdom of the wooden cane he brought up for Soren one day last year, but the boy does think it's a fabulous toy. He also appropriated a reasonably nice Ikea chest of drawers a few months ago.) When he got home after his soccer game last night, he said, "Go take a look in the kitchen and let me know if that's something I need to get rid of. You'll know what I mean." There in the kitchen was a big, fuzzy ride-on pony toy in pretty good shape. I had no doubt Soren would think it was awesome. I contrived to keep the boy out of the kitchen all day today until I could purchase some Lysol and spray the heck out of the thing (you know, just in case), but this evening we let Soren play with it. He seems to think it's pretty fun. :)

This morning we opted to take advantage of the last day of nice weather we're likely to see for at least a little while. We met A and his mom at Beverly Park, and the boys frolicked for a good couple of hours. I, of course, was not only late leaving the house, but then misremembered where the park was, and so I cockily ignored the GPS when it told me to get on the freeway. ("It'll be faster if I take these surface streets. Stupid GPS. What do you know, anyway?") Which would have been true, if the park was located where I thought it was, which it was, um, not. After much "recalculating" I gave in and let the GPS direct me to the freeway, as it so longed to do, at which point I remembered making the same error the last time we went to this park. Oh, right. The park is actually a couple of exits farther north than I thought. Durrr. I had also left our drinks and snacks at home since I'd left in such a rush, so though I refilled a bottle of water we had in the car, Soren ended up mooching some of A's food and (much colder, more delicious) water. Sigh. At least it's Friday.

After the park we went to the "grouchy store" (which is what Soren's adorably taken to calling the grocery store). Tom, who was released early for the holiday weekend, beat us home, so we had a nice afternoon all together. Miracle of miracles, Soren fell asleep while eating his (very late) lunch, and Eleri conked out not long thereafter, so we had some lovely quiet while we watched the Uruguay v. Ghana game. Tom cooked up some tasty baby back ribs for dinner, with potatoes and peas. Yums.

As you may have noticed in the sidebar, I've given in to MC Squared's suggestion of employing Twitter to keep a record of some of Soren's quotes. Not sure how long I'll stick with it (one day in and I'm already reminded how much the platform annoyed me before) but there it is for now. All the content will show up in the sidebar of the blog here, so you don't have to join Twitter or follow me or anything like that. It's just an easy way for me to update on the fly, since I can publish via text message. So there's that!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. :)


Anonymous said...

Kind of looks like he's jumping ;)

susan said...

Yeah, kind of :)