Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Schwetty All

Day 104

Day 194

This morning was the monthly playgroup meetup at River Farm. We hadn't been in a while - I think the last 2 outings were canceled due to rain - and it was really quite amazing to see how much the foliage had grown over the past couple of months. On the one hand, there were lots of neat flowers and things to see. On the other hand, more dense greenery meant a much more obstructed view of our wandering offspring.

A's mom commented how the first time we all came to River Farm (back in March), the steps leading up to the gazebo seemed so treacherous. Four scant months later, our boys were scampering up and down them with ease, and it was no longer necessary to help them or keep our fingers crossed that they wouldn't go tumbling to their doom. Pretty amazing!

(Also, that scary, steep embankment I was so worried about the first time we visited? They've never even considered venturing near it, since.)

It was another hot and muggy summer day, so we were sure to bring lots of water. I don't think there was a single kid there whose hair wasn't damp with sweat by the time we left (Eleri included, and she wasn't even running around). I brought our new stainless steel water bottles, which Soren was pretty excited about. Unfortunately, after we got home, he was also really excited about dumping half the remaining water into his baseball cap, which he then carried, dripping, through the apartment before dumping on the floor. If we had a backyard, I would definitely get him set up with some water toys and a bucket or a wading pool or something and let him pour water to his heart's content. Alas, water play on our balcony, which would probably result in the occasional drenching of passers-by, would likely be frowned upon.

Eleri pushed herself up from tummy to sitting, not once, but twice today! This after almost managing it for the first time just yesterday. She's also getting really good at rotating and squirming to where she wants to go. It's been a few weeks now since I've felt comfortable plopping her in the center of our bed while I run to get a glass of water or go to the bathroom or something. The flip side, though, is that with her highly competent sitting skills, I can now plop her down pretty much anywhere on the floor with reasonable confidence that she'll not keel over backwards. It still happens, but it's quite rare.

This evening I gave Soren a haircut. He seemed more wiggly than usual, and I ended up buzzing a really short patch on the side of his head. I had to end up going pretty short on the top in order to blend it well enough to not look totally ridiculous, though I suppose it's probably just as well, given how freaking hot it's been. I just don't want him to get a sunburned scalp as a result. He's gotten a lot better about wearing his hat, but he's still not usually willing to wear it the whole time we're out and about. Who can blame him, really, since with the longer hair he's been getting all sweaty under the hat? Hopefully the haircut will help with that.

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