Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shiny happy zooming

Day 103

Day 193

Monday morning brought with it some heat, some humidity, and another Zoom class at the rec center. We made it over there early enough for Soren to run around with A on the playground for a bit beforehand, which made him happy. He had a grand old time in his class; Eleri had been asleep since we arrived, but she woke up not long after we got downstairs for class. I took her out of the pouch and let her sit on the floor in the soft play room for a while. I had to wipe up a big drool puddle, but she was very happy. One of the other little girls in the class kept bringing over balls from the ball pit for Eleri to play with. It was very cute.

After the class, I stopped at the front desk to inquire about the preschool they operate at the rec center. The director of the program just happened to be there that day, so she gave us a little tour of the various classrooms and provided a bit of information about the program. It seems pretty great, though it may be really hard to get into (limited space, younger siblings of current students get priority, etc.). Soren wouldn't be old enough for the 2 1/2 yr old class this September (which is already full anyway), so we'd have to wait for the 3 yr old class next year. Tom joked, "by that time, he may be at a 4th grade level!" to which I countered, "Perhaps, but will he be potty trained?" Hehe.

Laundry took up the remainder of our afternoon, since I slacked big time over the weekend. When Tom got home, I went and did my running. I'd missed Friday's workout last week, since we were having dinner in the city with our friends, but this whole week the assignment is the same as Friday's. Run 25 minutes, no walk breaks. I'd kind of overdone it a little last Wednesday, so my shins were a bit buggy when I started, but I took it really easy (2.38 miles in 25 minutes). Changing my speed every five minutes (alternating between 5.5 and 6.0 mph) helped a little with the monotony, but man...running on the treadmill for a long time is boring. I enjoyed the earlier workouts, when I had little goals to complete along the way (2 more minutes, and then I get a walk break), and eventually I'll be able to keep things interesting by throwing in a minute or two of sprint here and there, but for now it's pretty monotonous, even with music. The muggy weather, combined with my intense dislike of running outside, will keep me treadmill-bound, at least for now, but I'll need to come up with something else to keep myself from getting too bored.

Eleri almost managed to push herself up to a sitting position from lying on her tummy Monday evening. She was really close. She also pulled off one "step" of crawl before toppling over. The girl is bound & determined to be a mover, sooner than later.

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