Thursday, July 08, 2010

Six Months

Day 92

Day 182

Eleri is six months old today! Wow! Happy half birthday, little lady.

And for your half birthday present, how about a trip to the doctor, complete with vaccinations? Aww. She did great though, and I'm glad she's not old enough to be psyched out by Soren's constant refrain of "Ellie wants ouches! Ellie wants ouches!" leading up to vaccination time.

As far as her stats go, she's got a 17.5" head circumference, is 26.75" long, and weighs 18 lbs, 15.2 oz (so, basically 19 lbs). By comparison, Soren at 6 months was almost exactly a pound lighter and an inch longer (17 lbs 15.3 oz and 27.75"). I guess I make better milk when I'm not working vampire hours. ;)

She sat up on her own for almost a minute today, unsupported on the floor. She caught herself with her arm the couple of times she started keeling over sideways. Not bad! She's come a long way in the last week as far as unsupported sitting goes.

Holy cow! She may or may not have just signed "milk" at me for the first time. I haven't been nearly as consistent with the signing with her as I was with Soren, so it's possible it was just a fluke of timing and random grasping motions. But she did start nursing when given the opportunity, so who knows? (Then again, it's pretty rare for her to not nurse when given the opportunity...hello, Miss 19 Pounder?)

Oh, another thing while we were at the doctor's office today - when the CNP who saw her (who was really great, by the way) shone his otoscope in Eleri's mouth, we could see two little tooth buds where her lower incisors will be coming in, probably within the next couple of weeks. Fun times ahead.

Soren was a gold mine of funny quotes today. I know they're in the sidebar now, but a year or two down the road when I'm looking through the blog's archives, they'll be hard to track down, so I'll just duplicate them here.

"Gotta wake up, bicycles!" (while we were in Target today; he was shouting at them from across the store)

"My water, my water! I got drink my super water."

"Garbage be sleepy! Garbage so tired." (when we were hauling a sack of garbage down to the trash room this afternoon; no idea what that was all about)

and my favorite of the day...

"Number Q...spells...chicken!"


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