Friday, July 09, 2010

Summer in the city

Day 93

Day 183

Today was, mercifully, just a wee bit cooler than the rest of the week has been. I suppose it didn't matter that much though, since we had made plans to spend the better part of the day indoors.

I don't remember exactly when I started reading MA's blog, but I think it was probably around 2005. (That link points to her current blog, called The Culture Wars; when I started reading her stuff, she was penning the now-retired Fictional Rockstar.) She's smart and funny and also happens to be a very talented singer/songwriter. And she lives here in D.C. When we moved out here, I was excited about the opportunity to possibly meet another of my "imaginary" internet friends in real life. And a bit more than a year later, we finally managed to get around to it. :)

It was from MA that I first learned of the existence of the Building Museum, so it is fitting that this was to be our meeting place. The kids and I made our way in to the city (I was determined not to show up late, and for once I succeeded!), and we spent a good few hours visiting and laughing and enjoying the museum's excellent air conditioning. (Plus, you know, the exhibits. There was actually a pretty interesting one about the history - and future - of parking garages.) MA is lovely, and we had a great time. I'm already looking forward to our next get-together. :)

Soren was reasonably well behaved. Once I finally let him out of the stroller, and after some play time in the museum's toddler room, he sat pretty calmly for lunch and then spent some time running laps in the big open area on the ground floor. His good behavior was punctuated by subsequent discoveries of the drinking fountain (which he did not want to leave alone), a custodial/supply room (which, in his defense, was wide open) and some stairs (which were remarkably warpy for being constructed of brick). Eleri snacked and napped and looked around quietly and fussed a little and snacked and napped some more. They were both good on the train, with the minor exception of Soren wanting to put his shoes in his mouth (yuck). All in all, it was one of those days when it wasn't difficult at all to manage the both of them by myself on a trek to the city.

And then in the evening, though I nearly wimped out, I forged ahead with Day 3 of Week 5 of the Couch to 5k - the 20 minute run. My success was two-fold; I did indeed go the whole 20 minutes with no walk break and I did so without succumbing to the temptation to push myself harder than I ought to. I did a very sensible 1.9 miles in 20 minutes and declared that good enough. Go, me!

Happy weekend!

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