Friday, July 23, 2010

Warm day water play

Day 106

Day 196

It's due to continue getting hotter here until Sunday. It's going to be hard to avoid a daily "jeez but it's hot and muggy" comment, but I know that's likely to become tiresome. So I'll just apologize in advance.

This morning there was, conveniently, a "play outside in the wading pool" playdate scheduled. I put both kids in suits, slathered the smaller one with sunblock (Soren's swim trunks are so long that they provide pretty adequate protection, plus he was wearing his water socks and a rash guard, plus the backyard where we were was shaded), and off we went. Soren spent some time pouring buckets of water over his head while declaring, "I'm rinsing!" Later, he moved on to playing in the mud. It took no time at all for him to become completely filthy. Happy as could be, but filthy.

After all the "big" kids were done playing in the wading pool, I took Eleri over to let her sit in the water with another little (10 month old) girl. She was not amused. I think the water was just too cold for her, even though there were only maybe 2 inches of it left in the pool by that point. I picked her back up, held her for a few minutes, then tried putting just her feet back in the water, but she was not having any of it. Poor girl. MommyFail. She did have a good time interacting with the 2 other little siblings there, though. She looked HUGE in comparison to the 3 month old boy, and she was about the same size as the 10 month old girl. (I got some video and will pull stills sometime in the next few days.)

Oh yeah, speaking of Eleri, something I forgot to mention yesterday was that, in addition to the fish noise, she also started doing some actual repetitive babbling, saying "babababa." She did more of that today, mostly when she was starting to get cranky and ready for her naps. It's pretty cute.

After the morning's cavorting, both kids fell asleep in the car on the way home. I just let them nap while we sat in the parking lot of our apartment complex. I had to run the car (to run the air conditioning) a few times, but Soren slept right through that. Eleri woke up before he did, but she was all chipper and happy, babbling away in her car seat, punctuating her commentary with the occasional kick-kick-kick of her feet. They're so different with regard to sleeping and waking up, these two. Soren still wakes up crying from naps, more often than not - and always has - while Eleri almost always wakes up happy and quiet. Interesting.

We did more potty training in the afternoon. There was one disastrous accident after dinner, but otherwise he did pretty well. Yesterday evening, I printed up a Potty Train sticker chart for the lad, since he's all into stickers these days. I know there are all kinds of competing opinions on whether or not you should use bribes or incentives or whatever, but I think this might work for him. Anyway, last night and today he's been getting to add a sticker to the chart every time he successfully pees in the toilet. Tonight, as I was getting him ready for bed, I set him up with his toothbrush and ducked into the bathroom to use it, myself. He grabbed his sticker sheet off the counter and held it out to me, asking, "Which one you want, Mommy?" Which was hilarious. (I let him pick a sticker and put it on my hand, which he was very pleased to do.)

I made pizzas for dinner, as has become our Thursday custom. One of them was your standard marinara-sausage-pepperoni-etc. pizza, but on the other one I put a mushroom alfredo sauce, bacon, basil and chicken. It was pretty good, though I could really only taste the bacon. Tom said he could mostly taste mushrooms. Soren ate a big piece of each kind. I've slacked on making another batch of Eleri food the last few nights. Tomorrow!

One last thing (this has turned into a longer post than I anticipated). Soren's been drooling rather more than usual and chewing on his fingers for the past few weeks. I've been thinking he had to be getting his 2 year molars for, oh I don't know, almost 4 months now. Finally (FINALLY!) tonight I was able to see the 2 bottom ones poking through the gums. Miraculously, he hasn't (yet) had the fever or severe appetite reduction that has accompanied his previous teething misadventures. Here's hoping we can avoid those this time around!

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