Saturday, August 28, 2010

All the Wright stuff

Day 140

Day 230

Thursday we took a tour of the nearby Pope-Leighey House, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. A's mom had told me about it, so she and A joined us on our excursion. The boys were perhaps a bit young (and, at the same time, too old) for the whole thing, but the tour guide was very patient and nice, bringing out a bag of wooden blocks at one point for them to play with on the floor. Though A probably would have been content to sit there and build with blocks for a good long while, Soren doesn't quite have the attention span for it. So he'd play for a minute or two, then be off trying to grab things off tables and desks, then back to the blocks, then off again. At one point, when we were touring the children's room, he was standing so quietly that I was lulled into a false sense of security and let go of his arm. At which point he dashed forward and leapt on to the (original, Wright-designed) bed! With its white bedspread! That the tour guide mostly just chuckled is a true testament to her character and patience.

The house was pretty neat. I got, I think, some fairly cool photos. You can check out the Flickr set here.

Back home, we lunched and then made our way down to the pool. I'd borrowed A's little combination water wings-floaty vest thingy for Soren to try, and wow. He was a tiny bit nervous at first, but once he got the idea that the thing would keep him afloat, he was like a completely different kid as far as his confidence level was concerned. I even had him blowing bubbles and putting his face in the water. It was great! I'm really excited for him to start his swimming class with Tom in a couple of weeks. I think he's going to love it now.

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