Sunday, August 29, 2010

And then there were four


Day 142

Day 232

At 5:20 Saturday evening, a whiny, whiny Soren hit the end of his rope and started powering down. By 5:30, he was asleep on Tom's shoulder, so Tom settled him in his bed, and we let him catch a half hour nap before dinner.

And why was the lad so sleepy? Well, after going to bed late Friday night, he was up bright and early Saturday morning for one last round of Grandma games before my mom left for the airport.

Having read about the glorious fun-fest planned for Saturday on the National Mall, there was no way I was letting Mom take the metro to the airport. Hordes of crazies headed into the city, packing train cars and clogging every walkway and escalator in the metro stations? No thank you! So I drove her on in.

It was a really fantastic visit. Every time Mom's been here, she's invented more silly and creative little games for Soren to play. (Same goes for when Dad's been here.) It's pretty awesome to kick back on the couch with a book and listen to the peals of laughter coming from the boy's room, where Soren and Eleri are both completely entranced and having the greatest time. (Not to mention the late mornings and kid-free dinners out with Tom.) It'd sure be nice to live nearer to grandparents.

On the way home from the airport, I caved to impulse and stopped off for doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. Plus the standard Saturday lunch from Chipotle. Ah, so decadent. I don't know why, but I had an outrageous sweet tooth on Saturday (hence the Krispy Kreme run) that would not be satisfied! After eating two doughnuts - not immediately after, but some time later - I made myself a root beer float. All that sugar led, of course, to the inevitable sugar crash, and I spent most of the afternoon struggling to stay awake. A third doughnut, intended to bolster my flagging energy resources, was not sufficient to stave off the sloth. (Sloths don't like doughnuts, as it turns out. They'll just keep coming at you, slowly, with those freaky long claws. Persistent little bastards. Giant bastards. Whatever.)

Neither of us was in the mood to cook that evening, so we picked up some moderately-decent Indian food from the little on-site market/cafe. The chicken was a bit dry, and the naan was not spectacular, but everything else was pretty good. And, you know, we didn't have to cook any of it. So there's that.

After dinner, Soren was snacking on an apple, and I realized that he was carrying on a little conversation with it. Once I started paying attention, I heard him say, "I'm sorry apple. I'll give you a kiss. That wasn't nice. I....bite you!" Gawdang, that is one funny kid.


Day 143

Day 233

Sunday was a CLEAN ALL THE THINGS sort of day. (When you're done here, go click that link. You won't be sorry.) Tom & Soren went out to get provisions for the upcoming week, and Eleri went down for a nap, so I got all gung-ho, cleaning and organizing the heck out of Soren's room and closet. As in, I moved all of the furniture except the bookcase so I could vacuum the whole carpet (yes Mom, even the edges), and then I went through all the baby clothes and everything currently in Soren's hanging clothes sorter, separating out stuff to donate, stuff to keep, stuff to set aside for Eleri. I'm kind of a sap, so there are lots of little outfits I won't be able to part with (even if they just sit in a bin in my closet forever), but there's also a fair bit of stuff that someone else could get plenty of use out of. Plus I did like 4 loads of laundry. And then after the boys returned, I did a thorough vacuuming of the living room. Soren followed me around with his little wooden "vacuum," even imitating when I stopped to run the hose along the baseboards. So cute.

I had grand plans for a similar cleaning attack on our bedroom, but I ran out of steam. Surprise, surprise. I did, however, get some photo prints ordered to hang in Soren's room. I picked out some animal pictures I'd taken at the Reston Zoo, which I'm going to have blown up to 12" x 12" and mounted on foam core (like the pictures in the living room). I think they're going to look awesome in there.

Late afternoon and evening, we read some books and generally took it easy. Eleri's been making a funny snuffle-noise for the past couple of days. She scrunches up her whole face and breathes in and out through her nose like some kind of disgruntled animal. It's pretty clear she's just playing around with making new noises, but it's hilarious. She's also started pulling herself up to standing and then letting go for a second or two, wavering on her feet before either grabbing ahold of her support again or plopping down. She is a very determined little lass. She's also stepped up the drool production and hasn't been sleeping as soundly the last few nights, so perhaps some more teeth are on the way already. Guess we'll see soon enough.

All right, that is all for now. I know I keep saying it, but I promise I will get more videos posted soon. I have several at this point. Soon, I say!

Oh yeah, and remember that link I told you to click? You can go ahead and do that now. ;)


ml said...

the clean all the things link is pretty freaking hilarious!! thanks for sharing.

also, i'm going to be back in DC the 8-11th, maybe time for another friday night dinner at max's on the 10th?

ACJC said...

omg....glasses pic?? my fav :)

susan said...

Amy - he's a frickin cute one.

ML - the whole Hyperbole and a Half blog is hilarious. I also particularly recommend the post titled (I believe) "Alot is better than you." Also, yes to Friday night dinner on the 10th!