Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And ye shall zoom no more

Day 137

Day 227

(For now, anyway.)

So, we finally had the last Zoom class of this session yesterday. A little girl had brought a doll and doll stroller with her, which were sitting off to the side by the door, and Soren was a little fixated on the stroller. He ran around the room a bit but kept coming back over to that stroller to push it around the carpet. Once music time came around, he not only grabbed his own shaker and bells for the Freeze Dance, but he picked out a maraca for Grandma and fetched a shaker for Eleri. Very thoughtful. He started doing the hand motions along to 3 Monkeys and sat transfixed for 3 Little Ducks. (He also asked me to sing 3 Little Ducks a few times at bedtime, that night.) Eleri did a lot more cruising around on the soft furniture. Hard to believe that in another year or so I'll be signing her up for a zoom class of her own.

Now we've got a few weeks before his swim class starts up, and then he'll start his music class a couple of weeks after that. Fun times!

After class we did the grocering. Then a late lunch and a quiet afternoon/evening at home. I haven't been running since last Wednesday; stupid knee is bothering me. I'll probably try a slow jog again today or tomorrow and see how it goes.

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