Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Burke Lake Park, for the win

Day 118

Day 208

We went to Burke Lake Park this morning, and it was pretty great, once we finally got there. There was a lot of traffic on the freeway, so I thought I'd be all clever and jump off a few exits early, take one of the surface streets that parallels the freeway, and let the GPS figure out the specifics from there. Unfortunately, what I didn't realize at first was that there was construction on the surface streets, leaving them as backed up as the freeway had been. Additionally, the GPS kept trying to direct me back to the freeway, which would have indeed been the best option, since the "parallel" road suddenly hooked a turn and headed off in another direction. Looking at the map after the fact, I see that we weren't actually taken horribly far out of our way, but it definitely felt like we'd doubled back quite a bit. Anyway. We got there, eventually.

Luckily, we'd arranged to meet A and his mom at this nice, big playground, so they weren't horribly inconvenienced by having to wait a bit for us. The boys ran & romped & played. Soren was pretty hesitant to go down the slide at first, and when he finally decided to go for it, he kept sticking his feet out to the side to stop, then go a little more, then stop again. Excellent friend that he is, A came over to the bottom of the slide and held his hands out, as if to catch Soren. It was hilarious and adorable.

After a group of older summer camp kids descended upon the playground, we hopped back into the cars (Burke Lake Park is quite large) and drove over to the train & carousel area. Sadly, the train was down for repairs, but we got tickets to ride the carousel. Soren had never been on one before. He got up on the platform, and then marched straight through to the middle, where the controls and motor are. Um...no, buddy. I directed him back to the platform and told him to pick a horse. He did, climbed up, then got anxious and wanted to move closer to where A was, so we moved. He settled on another horse, but we still had a few minutes to wait while everyone else boarded the carousel. He started getting antsy, asking to get down, clearly done with this stupid, lame "climb on the horses and just sit there" ride. I managed to keep him on the horse until the operator came around to collect tickets and start it up.

Finally, the carousel started, and the horse began to slowly move up and down. And Soren's face erupted into the biggest, most delighted grin. I could practically see him thinking, "Oh! This is what we were waiting for! Okay, you were right, this is totally fun." It was great. Eleri, in the pouch, also seemed to be pretty amused to watch the world spinning around her.

After the carousel, we ate lunch, then made our way home. All afternoon & evening, Soren wore his underpants with almost complete success. There was just one accident of the "got to the potty but forgot to pull the pants down" variety. Not bad! We've been doing a little song and dance every time he uses the potty and has dry underpants. It's really funny to watch.

Tom got home before bedtime, so the kids got to spend a little time with him. They were both really happy to see him. And, you know, so was I.

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