Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm already getting spoiled

Day 134

Day 224

Thursday morning we went to preschool for a little while, then ducked out right before lunch to run some errands. We picked up all the fixings for Cornish hens, which I made for dinner while Mom entertained the young'uns and kept them from getting underfoot in the kitchen. I took a look back into the blog archives to when we made the Lilliputian Feast over at Max's (geez, was that really 4 1/2 years ago?), since I hadn't really made Cornish hens since then. How handy to have those records. I love when my rambling and sometimes overly detailed posts turn out to be useful. Anyway. My hens didn't come out quite as good as the hens back in '06. Possibly I didn't sear them enough, and perhaps uncovering them for the last 30 minutes without basting them was a mistake. They were a little dry. But flavorful! This time around I stuffed them with a mixture of apple, onion, red bell pepper & garlic, tossed with a touch of lemon juice. Into the pan I tossed some more onions, bell pepper, and Brussels sprouts. I couldn't fit all the sprouts we had into the pan, so the rest of them I sauteed right before dinner time, so we had a duo of sprouts, if you will. How very Top Chef of me. At any rate, it came out pretty well.

Eleri and I caught a little nap together in the afternoon, and Soren fell asleep mid-books again at bedtime. Win!

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