Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keeping (mostly) cool

Day 125

Day 215

It was quite a hot & humid day today, so we picked an indoor venue for running amok today. The mall in Tyson's Corner (about 20 min away) has a really nice indoor playspace, so we decided to check that out. Of course, everyone and their brother had the same heat-beating idea, resulting in rather a bit of congestion, but Soren and A didn't seem to mind. They ran around and even got to take a ride on the little train. Poor Eleri, though. She napped for about the first hour we were there, but when she woke up, she desperately wanted to get down and crawl around. It was really just too hazardous, however. (I saw another little crawler narrowly miss getting clocked in the head by a rampaging toddler running at full speed.) She more than made up for it after we got home, though, crawling all over the living room. She's getting so fast!

Soren's new favorite thing to do, apparently, is ask, "What're you're doing here?" It's definitely replaced "Whatzaaaat?" as his most frequently asked question. Several times today, he was saying it at least once every 30 seconds, for minutes at a time. It's getting old. That & the whining, I could really do without! And, oh god, the "I want"s. Not like he pitches fits in stores asking for candy or toys or anything like that (if anything, he's much more well behaved when we're out in public than at home, and I'm very thankful for that). But try as I may to drill into him gently remind him that he needs to ask for things politely, I still get the keening, "I want my water!" "I want my fork!" "I want some Cheerios!" "I want that ball!" way, way more often than I'd like. My nerves! It grates on them!

Anyhow. It was not a bad day, overall, but the very end of the afternoon was tough, and I was not in the best of moods when Tom got home. Sorry, Tom.

Ending on a positive note! I took advantage of Eleri's 6am wake up call to get Soren signed up for some fun rec center classes that'll start next month. (Even hitting the registration website that early, it was horribly bogged down with traffic, and the classes were filling up fast.) There's a music class during the week that he'll get to take with A, and then on the weekend he'll have a swimming class that Tom can do with him. So that'll be fun. :)


Anonymous said...

You, too, are eligible to eat a fruit leather or box of raisins or a string cheese in the afternoon...

susan said...

Ha. I actually ate a pretty big lunch at the mall, and was in reasonably fine spirits until we got home from Target and I was trying to get dinner together and everyone was creating tripping hazards in the kitchen while whining and banging on things and chewing on things and meowing. I'm the first to admit when I'm having a low blood sugar "challenge" but today it really was more sensory overload than anything else.

ACJC said...

I hope the swimming class helps with his scary water experiences.

susan said...

That's what I'm hoping, too. I'm pretty sure it will!