Monday, August 30, 2010

The little train has a smoke stack, and a sand dome, and a bell, and...

Day 144

Day 234

I'm not sure if Soren's current obsession with trains predates my bringing home The Little Train from the library, but if it does, it's not by much. He would probably be happy to read this book 400 times a day. In any event, the boy loves trains now. Specifically, he loves identifying the various parts of the steam engine that are illustrated in the book. Needless to say, the little train ride at Burke Lake Park was right up his alley.

The last time we went to this park, the train was down for repairs or maintenance or something, so we weren't able to ride it. Today, however, we were in luck. We snagged tickets for the first ride of the day and climbed aboard. It's actually a really good ride for the ticket price ($2.25). There are several loops and switches, so you go around the track a few different ways. You start out in the woods, go through a tunnel, past the lake a couple of times, out across a field and back, and around through the woods again before returning to the station. Soren was thrilled. Eleri seemed to enjoy the ride as well.

Next up was the carousel. Soren wasn't perhaps quite as filled with wonder as he was the first time he rode it, but he still seemed to love it. He and A got to sit right next to each other this time, and Soren proclaimed, "A's riding a mule!" Hehe.

Things kind of deteriorated after that. It was hot and muggy, and both Soren and A were tired, so they were grumpy, whiny, willful little dudes. Sigh. Once we finally gave up and headed home, though, Soren's mood improved quite a bit. The rest of the afternoon was, dare I say it, actually rather pleasant. We read books, and Soren made a "train" out of a couple of his little trucks, which he drove around the coffee table - for a looooong time - making a constant "nang-nang-nang-nang-nang" bell noise. It was a little grating, but it meant that he was occupying himself while I got through editing the day's photos, so I didn't make an issue of it. ;) Eleri just watched and watched, fascinated.

In the evening, I hauled myself down to the gym for more running. It's been a week and a half now since I've done more than a mile at a stretch, so while I wasn't quite up to running 5k (too hungry, and Tom had made dinner while I was getting ready to go, and it smelled waaay too good), but I set the timer for 20 minutes and basically did my circuit routine without stopping to do situps and pushups.

First half-mile in five minutes, then a mile in 9:11 (new personal best for a non-standalone mile!), then the next half in 4:33 (18:44 total for 2 miles, which is another personal best), slowing back down to round out the 20 minutes with a final distance of 2.13 miles. Go me!

Eleri's next 2 teeth, both of the lateral incisors on top, are indeed getting ready to come in now. Yippee. Teething is such a joy.

That's all for tonight!

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gram Gramma said...

It's so great that he can actually see and experience all he's been reading about!