Wednesday, August 04, 2010

News flash: Wednesday =/= Friday

Day 119

Day 209

I spent most of today thinking it was Friday. Then remembering that it's only Wednesday and being bummed. Then forgetting again, then remembering. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The day itself was fairly unremarkable (for a Friday/Wednesday/Friday/Wednesday). Playgroup in the morning, Trader Joe's on the way home, potty practice in the afternoon, running in the evening. A few items of note:

  1. While at playgroup, I noticed that Eleri's upper left incisor has erupted. After we got home, I discovered that the lower right is also peeking through the gums. Two teeth at once!
  2. As we were leaving Trader Joe's, the cashier handed Soren two stickers. The lad insisted I take one for myself and instructed me to wear it on my chin. He did the same with his sticker. He is a silly boy.
  3. We seem to be on the "every other day" schedule of potty proficiency. Today was not a very successful day. Figures...just when I thought I had the proper arrangement of incentives and such, he decides he doesn't care about any of those things anymore. I guess I can just hope that tomorrow will be another good day.
  4. I topped 3 miles for the first time (on the treadmill, of course) - 3.02 miles in 30 minutes. Did most of it at 6 mph, 3 minutes at 5.5, 4 1/2 minutes at 6.5 and one minute at 7 mph. Once again, I distracted myself from the hideousness and boredom by downloading something to watch on my iPod. Today it was an episode of The X-Files, the first episode I remember watching on TV ("Pusher," from Season 3, for those playing along at home). Totally worth the $2, even though I already have the episode on DVD. ;)

While I'm in list mode, I thought I might make a note of some of the things that I've been especially enjoying these days. Mostly kid-related (hey, they may drive me crazy a lot of the time, but not all the time).

  • The way Soren says certain things. "Here you go" sounds like "hee-grow." "Excellent" sounds like "escallent." And about 700 times a day he asks, "Y'okay [Mommy/Daddy/Ellie/Bear/Friend's Name]?"
  • Watching the kids actually start to play together (not often, and not for very long stretches at a time, but the little bits of it are awesome).
  • Related, but watching Soren make Eleri laugh.
  • The way Eleri kick-kick-kicks when she gets excited about something, or how her whole face lights up when she sees Leo/Tom/Soren.
  • Spontaneous hugs. And "thank you"s. And when Soren gives Eleri a kiss for no reason.
  • Summer storms, summer rains, any break at all from the humidity.
  • Getting a photograph, by accident, that I totally dig.
  • Did I mention spontaneous hugs?
  • Tom's guacamole. That is not a euphemism...the man makes some damn tasty guacamole (and made some tonight, so it's fresh on my mind).
  • The chocolate chip cookies from the BJ's bakery. I'm pretty sure they're laced with crack. Cannot. Stop. Eating them.
All right, that's enough for now. Gonna check out Huntley Meadows Park tomorrow morning, which is supposed to be pretty neat. Hopefully we'll be able to beat the heat by going early (forecast calls for 96 degrees and high humidity...whee!).

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