Monday, August 16, 2010

No, these are the penultimate zooms

Day 131

Day 221

I was wrong last week when I said this would be our last Zoom class. We do in fact have one more next Monday. So that's cool! There weren't as many kids there today, so I let Eleri crawl around a little bit more than usual. She pulled herself up to cruise along the side of the big foam doughnut and had fun shaking her own egg rattle during the Freeze Dance. It won't be too long before I'll be signing her up for a Zoom class of her own!

Soren and I read on the couch while Eleri took her afternoon nap. Then Soren played with my iPod for a while and let me doze a bit. Not bad. Any day that includes even a partial nap for me is a good day, I say.

I set out to take it easy on my run this evening, but of course I ended up pushing myself. I did 2.06 miles in 20 minutes (2 miles in 19:27), but I broke it up into quarter mile segments, increasing my speed over the first half, then slowing down for the next mile but ramping up the incline, and then back to faster and flat for the last half. It was tiring. For a while this woman (I think she is a personal trainer) was standing right next to my treadmill, talking to another woman who is, I believe, her client, and who was running on the treadmill next to mine. Personal trainer lady took it upon herself to lean back against my treadmill, which shouldn't have been a big deal (she wasn't impeding my movement or invading my space really), but I found it quite annoying. I thought maybe she'd startle and move away when I raised the incline, but nope! I didn't say anything of course, because I'm me, and I eventually stopped noticing that she was there.

I'm thinking about putting potty training on hiatus until mid-October, when we return from our trip out West. It has occurred to me that unless he makes huge amounts of progress in the next month, we're either going to have a potentially traumatic cross-country trip ("Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the 'Fasten Seatbelts' sign. Please remain in your seats." "But Mommy, I have to go potty NOW.") or we're going to have to screw up his routine and negate any progress by putting him back in a diaper for the plane and long car trips. So maybe by the time we get back we'll be ready to start for real.

That's all I've got. Videos are still on the way.

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