Monday, August 09, 2010

Penultimate Zooms

Day 124

Day 214

This morning was our second-to-last Zoom Around the Room class at the rec center. Soren's finally interested in all of the circle time songs & activities, rocking out to the Freeze Dance, listening intently (if not doing the little hand motions himself) to "Five Little Monkeys" and "Three Little Ducks," and clapping/stomping along to "If You're Happy & You Know It." Even Eleri's gotten into the action, playing with an egg shaker today during the Freeze Dance, crawling all over the place during the free play portion of the class. (Well, crawling all over the rug. I don't let her out on to the mat where the little maniacs are zooming around, heedless of wee crawlers.) Tomorrow is registration day for the next session of classes, so hopefully I'll be able to get him in another fun one.

This evening I tried going back to a more circuit training type approach for my workout. I did a fast (for me) half mile - 4:38 - then did 20 situps, 5 pushups and 3 negative pullups. Then I got back on the treadmill and ran a mile in 9:25. Then I did 20 vertical knee raises, then another half mile in 5:00. This may have been a tad ambitious; I definitely strained some muscle or other in both forearms when I did the negative pullups, so that's not awesome. But 2 miles (total) in 19:03 is pretty damned good for me, even if it wasn't all in one shot. Hell, one mile in 9:25 is about the second best I've ever done in my life, so that by itself is quite the accomplishment. Go me!


ml said...

Keep up the good work!! I think it's great that you get out and take some time to yourself!!

susan said...

It is definitely beneficial to my sanity! ;)