Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Soren goes to the air-depoor

Day 132

Day 222

Yesterday morning was hot and steamy, but we ventured out anyway for playgroup at River Farm. Soren ran and ran with his buddies, got nice and filthy, and then we followed A's mom back to their house. I had mentioned, off-hand at some playdate or other, that Eleri has thus far not been a fan of the jumpy swing that Soren had (and adored) when he was a babe. A's mom said that she had A's old jumperoo just sitting in the basement and that we could borrow it if we wanted to. So over we went to give it a test drive, and Eleri was thrilled. The boys played some more, and Eleri jumped and squealed. The jumperoo came home with us. ;)

Back at home, we finished getting ready for my mom to arrive. We drove over to the airport to fetch her. (Soren calls it the "air-depoor.") No great surprise, after all the running and jumping earlier in the day, both kids passed out in the car on the way and were a little groggy and quiet when we met Grandma at the arrivals area. Soren perked up before too long, though, and he had a fine time watching the planes while we waited for my mom's suitcase to come through to baggage claim.

On the way home we picked up fabulous BGR burgers for dinner. YUM. (We also got the onion rings from there for the first time. They're extremely wide, like bracelets, and - no great surprise - delish.) Some Grandma games, the first of many to come in the next week and a half, were played before bedtime.


Anonymous said...

So, so heart is full!! XOXOXOX Yaya

Anonymous said...

OMG..I just checked the menu at The Burger Joint...Paulette, bring one back, we MUST try to duplicate! :) Yaya