Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tuesday at the Park

Day 138

Day 228

Tuesday was supposed to rain, all day, so we didn't make any outdoor plans. Of course, though we waited and waited and waited, the promised rain never arrived. So by mid-afternoon, Soren was going a little stir crazy, and we decided to go over to the park.

It was a rare cool day, really quite perfect for being outside. I wish I'd thought to check earlier in the day (I just assumed it would be the usual, muggy and 85 degrees even though it was cloudy). But it was excellent playground weather.

Immediately upon arriving, Soren ran up to the first little boy he saw and exclaimed, "Good morning!" Then he scamped around, climbing and sliding and socializing. I brought my camera (of course), and upon processing the pictures and looking through my Flickr archives, I noticed something interesting.

Taken Tuesday (8/24/10)

Taken nearly a year before (8/25/09)

Taken 4 months before that (4/25/09)

Pretty amusing.

It occurred to me to see if Eleri was interested in the swing at all. She certainly wasn't afraid of it, though she sat very seriously and held on tight with her tiny fingers. She did sort of kick and wiggle when I stopped the swing at one point, not quite ready to be done yet. After a while, a little girl (about 3 y.o.) came over and asked if she could push Eleri in the swing. I said that that would be fine, as long as she was gentle. She did a great job, and Eleri's face broke into the biggest grin at the sight of this little girl smiling at her. It was very sweet.

Soren climbed up the little rock climbing wall and 2 upright ladders, all by himself, for the first time. Funny how much of that playground equipment seemed so big and scary even just a year ago, and now it's no big deal.

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