Saturday, August 28, 2010

We went to the farm, last morning.

Day 139

Day 229

Wednesday we went to Old Mine Ranch. Poor Soren wanted nothing more than to sit on the various tractors, but they were all either off limits or behind fences. (He snuck up on a "forbidden" tractor a few times - it had a bunch of loose cables and stuff - and scrambled up on the tractor that pulls the wagon for the hay ride once.) It wasn't until he was let into the pen for the pony ride, where the other old tractor is apparently now housed, that he was able to get a full-on tractor fix. He couldn't even care less about the pony ride at first; only had eyes for that tractor. Hehe. Eventually he deigned to ride the pony and seemed to enjoy himself plenty.

Mom was perhaps more excited about all the animals than either of the kids were, though Eleri did pet a couple of the goats. It was really a fine morning all around.

In the afternoon, I finally got back to the gym, after a week off. As it turned out, my knee didn't bother me much at all while I was running, until I started running on an incline. So that's pretty good. I can easily avoid doing that! Did 5 minutes of a slow warm-up (6 mph), then a set of 5 pushups-20 situps-5 pushups, then 10 minutes at varying speeds and incline (a bit over a mile), 20 hanging knee raises, and another 5 minutes (just over half a mile). Felt pretty good.

Soren's been saying a very funny thing lately. He's been using the phrase "last morning" fairly indiscriminately to mean "yesterday morning" or "this morning" or "some time today" or "the other day." Examples include: "Grandma, you rode a plane last morning?" (which he's asked nearly every day she's been here), "We went to the farm last morning" and "I can ride the train last morning." Wednesday evening, as he was getting ready for bed, he and Tom were talking about Leo and Leo's tail. Soren asked, "Where's my tail?" to which Tom replied, "You don't have a tail. It disappeared, when you were an embryo." Without missing a beat, Soren parroted, "My tail disappeared when I was an emvryo, last morning." Such a funny boy.

At dinner, I made tortellini, salad & biscuits, which wouldn't generally be noteworthy, except that Soren ate SO much food. He had a fairly big helping of tortellini, a whole biscuit, and a whole (small) bowl of salad fixings, minus the lettuce (cucumber, tomato, onion, bell pepper, beets, croutons). It was fairly impressive, for him! In the morning, I'd tried to feed Eleri some mashed banana, but she did not seem to like it at all. In the afternoon she had a tiny bit of applesauce, but she wasn't a huge fan of that, either. We'll go back to sweet potatoes in a couple of days.

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