Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday 5k

Day 126

Day 216

Mall walk in the morning. It was another hot & muggy day, so I was a little bummed when Soren seemed to lose interest in the play area kind of early, and we had to head home. We probably could have stayed longer, except that I'd "laid down the law" and told him that if he left the carpeted area one more time, we were leaving. Of course, he left it again, and when I gathered him up and packed him into the stroller to go home, he was saying he'd behave, that he'd stay on the carpet and play-play-play, but I had to do the whole enforcer of the rules thing. To the boy's credit, he didn't pitch a screaming fuss or anything, just kept insisting all the way to the car, "I gotta go play, Mommy."

I kind of dragged around in the afternoon, even though the unpleasant heat wasn't really a factor inside our air conditioned apartment. Soren made an atrocious mess of the living room, scattering toys and books and pillows from his room hither and yon. I'm always a little amazed by how little time it actually takes to clean up a mess that seems so very daunting.

In the evening, another 5k, while watching another X-File ("Jose Chung's From Outer Space" this time). I improved my time ever so slightly - 29:47, though I was ready to quit about halfway through. Running is tiring! (And I'd already walked a couple of miles at the mall that morning.) Just gotta keep at it, though.

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