Monday, August 09, 2010

Weekend, with teeth


Day 122

Day 212

Saturday I had a nice ride in the morning. The weather was gorgeous. The afternoon was kind of lazy, as nobody had slept especially well the night before. Soren turned 28 months old (2 yrs, 4 mos, for those who don't want to bother with the math).


Day 123

Day 213

Sunday morning, we got up and headed into the city. Well, first Tom & Soren got up while Eleri & I caught a few extra Zs. Then Tom cleaned up the kitchen. Then we got ready to go, and in the confusion of getting out the door, had a moment of "I thought you had the keys - No, I thought you had them" and locked ourselves out of the apartment. Sigh. We had to wait for security to send someone over to let us back in. Then we headed into the city.

We had plans to visit the Building Museum, since Tom had not yet been there, and assumed that by getting there early we would be able to get tickets for the Lego Exhibition. Unfortunately, even though we got there just half an hour after the museum opened, they were sold out until 4pm! (I have since discovered that you can purchase tickets up to 2 weeks in advance, so long as you do it in person at the museum's Information desk. Of course, the exhibit will be there for another 13 months, so we should have an easier time getting in after the popularity has waned somewhat.) Nevertheless, we had a nice time.

As I had predicted, the 4th of Eleri's incisors did indeed make an appearance by Sunday. Poor little girlo, getting all four almost at the same time. It's hard being a baby. She had a pretty good day though, crawling all around the play room in the Building Museum, watching the world around her from the comfort of the pouch. She's still not sleeping very well, but at least she's only up every few hours, instead of every 40 minutes like Soren used to be, when he was getting his first few teeth.


Tom said...

Not so much with the scary fevers, either, which is nice for parental peace of mind...

susan said...

Agree. A definite improvement.