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Day 115

Day 205

The past two weeks have seemed to go by really fast, for me. Feels like one minute I'm dragging myself out of bed on Monday morning, and the next I'm enjoying a relaxing Friday evening. Pretty nice!

I was back at the barn again on Saturday morning. N was still out of town, and the woman subbing for her was one with whom I hadn't ridden before. While I prefer N's teaching style and am glad she's the regular instructor, sometimes it's good to have a fresh set of eyes watching. The substitute instructor picked up on a couple of things I hadn't realized I was doing, position-wise, so I'll try to be more cognizant of that going forward. All in all, a good ride, and it was a nice morning for it. Adding to the beautiful morning were quite a few butterflies, flitting here and there at the barn.

Soren has definitely got our Saturday routine figured out. On my way home from riding, I almost always stop and pick up Chipotle for lunch. Not long ago, Chipotle added kids' meals to their menu - small quesadilla, side of rice & beans, chips and a drink - for $3. Pretty good deal! So I've gotten this for him a few times now, with chocolate milk, which he rarely gets to have, for his drink. Saturday morning, when I came out to the living room wearing my riding clothes, Soren said, "Going to ride ponies, Mommy?"

"Gonna get quesadilla, Mommy?"
*snicker* "Yep, that too."
"Gonna get chocolate milk, Mommy?"

I guess he really likes it. ;)

In the afternoon, we all went out to Target, since someone has been going through underpants faster than I can keep them clean. So now Soren's got some sweet Marvel Super Heroes unders to go with his Sesame Street ones.


Day 116

Day 206

After Eleri went down for her morning nap today, I headed to the gym to do my running. (Won't be able to go tomorrow, so I started Week 9 a day early.) I can't believe I've hit the last week of the Couch-to-5k program already! I'm now up to running for 30 minutes with no stopping. My legs were still pretty sore from riding on Saturday, so I forced myself to take it easy - 5.5mph the whole way. To combat the inevitable boredom, I downloaded the pilot episode of Chuck to my iPod (since I'd only caught the last 15 minutes of it when it originally aired and never got around to watching the whole thing), and watched that while I ran. Not a bad way to make the time go by faster, though I probably looked like a goof, chuckling to myself from time to time. Oh well. Now to slowly ramp up the speed over my next few runs so I'm actually hitting 5k (3.1 miles) in 30 minutes, since today I only managed 2.75 miles.

Later, while Tom was doing his running, I took the kids with me to pick up some stuff at BJ's. I decided to try my luck on the potty training front by taking Soren out without a diaper (though I did put a cloth diaper cover over his underpants). Even though we were out longer than I expected, due to long lines, he was dry when we got home! I gave him some congratulatory fruit snacks and lots of praise, and suggested that he go ahead and sit on his froggy potty now that we were home. He said, "No!" and ran away, so I figured I would just take a couple of minutes to put the cold stuff away in the refrigerator. Big mistake. Should have insisted. He was in the kitchen with me, chowing down on his fruit snacks, when all of a sudden he said, "I'm peeing!" And indeed he was. All over the freshly mopped kitchen floor. Sigh. (Better that than the carpet, at least.) The rest of the afternoon he pretty much gave up on the whole bladder control concept altogether. Three steps forward, five steps back...

He has been doing an amazing job at bedtime, though. The last several nights, Tom's finished reading Soren's books, shut out the light, and left the room, and Soren's stayed in bed and fallen asleep on his own! If you'd told me, six months ago, that we'd have made this much progress before he's even 2 1/2, I would probably have not believed you. So I will take the good with the less good, in any event.

Not much new to report on our little crawler. Her bottom teeth have still not made an appearance, though I've been able to see them (I'm pretty sure, anyway) just under the gums for the past week at least. She doesn't seem to be continually bothered by them, which is good. Just some discomfort that comes and goes.

Well, that about wraps it up for another weekend. G'night!

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