Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You're damn right I ordered that Code Red!

Day 145

Day 235

Today was a "code red" air quality day, so our outdoor playgroup event was canceled. So we bummed around in the morning, ran out at more or less the worst possible time of day to run an errand, and then returned home for more bumming around. Many books were read (repeatedly, in some cases), songs sung, diapers changed, and games played. A few battles of will were waged (and time outs issued), and even a small bit of napping was done (about 20 minutes for me, an hour and change for Eleri, while Soren quietly entertained himself). In the evening, pizzas were made. Soren "helpfully" fed Eleri a piece of mushroom; Eleri got very mad when I fished it out of her mouth and threw it away.

She's not especially proficient with the cruising yet, but the girlo has become a champion puller-up-on-stuff. (By which I mean she can easily get up to a standing position, but moving more than a step or two is still a bit of a challenge.) She did walk, slowly, and holding my hands, almost all the way across the living room today, which is pretty far for someone with such short legs.

Soren's bottom molars are through the gums now as well, so that means he's almost officially done with teething until he starts losing them in a few years. Yay!


ACJC said...

cute overalls!

susan said...

Hand-me-downs from Charlie :) Soren wore 'em last year.