Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Domestic Labor Day

Day 151

Day 241

Monday we met Max & Agnes for brunch. I hadn't seen them in a while (Tom sees Max periodically for work-related matters), and it was good to visit. Soren ate 3/4 of a giant waffle all by himself - before we left home he declared, "I'm going to go have waffles with Agnes!" Hehe. Of course, what with it being Labor Day and all, the restaurant was pretty crowded, but the wait gave Eleri a chance to nap in the pouch. She woke up just before our food arrived, at which point I moved her to the high chair, where she sat and squealed with glee. I'm sure the other diners were thrilled, but hey, better gleeful squealing than sad, sad screaming.

Back at home, there were chores to do. Soren was very happy for the opportunity to (again) "help" me vacuum. It's pretty cute.

Also on Monday, I noticed two more teeth peeping through Eleri's gums - the top & bottom lateral incisors. She is a tooth-erupting machine!

In the evening I ran 2 miles in 18:07. I'd planned on doing circuits (half a mile, exercises, mile, exercises, half a mile), so my running plan was a bit more aggressive than I'd normally allow for a straight 2 mile stretch. However, the gym was so crowded when I got down there, that I was afraid of losing my treadmill if I hopped off to do pushups and situps, so I decided to forge ahead with the faster planned pace and just see how long I could stick with it. I surprised myself by making it through all the way (warm-up half mile at 6mph, then everything thereafter between 6.5 and 7mph). Boo-yah.

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