Sunday, September 12, 2010

The intolerable cuteness of toddlers in suits

Day 153

Day 243

Wednesday we had playgroup in the morning. At one point, Eleri was playing on the floor, and she picked up a ball, and said, "Ba!" One of the other moms there was ready to declare that El had in fact said "ball" but I have noticed that her general "I want that!" rallying cry tends to be something like "A-babababa." Whether she's chasing after Leo or Soren or some desired toy, she's likely to be "bababa"ing all the while. So I don't know. Maybe she was trying to say "ball" or maybe she was just babbling. Either way, she had a good time playing while Soren ran with his toddler crew.

We're going to my cousin's wedding next month, and I found a very reasonably priced Soren-sized 5 piece suit online. So I ordered it, and it arrived Wednesday afternoon. Soren was very excited to try it on, declaring, "It's my work clothes!" Hehe. And oh my goodness is it cute. The pants are a little big, but maybe I can see about finding him some tiny suspenders.

In the evening I ran another 5k, and fast. I beat my personal record by 30 seconds! (New PR - 29:14) Like last time, I kind of took it easy on the first and third kilometers and did intervals the rest of the time. I was very, very tired afterward.

And Eleri turned 8 months old! Here are some comparison photos of her & Soren.

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