Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mall day 5k

Day 160

Day 250

Mall walking in the morning. Soren, hilariously, insisted on putting the above hat on before we left home. He wore it the whole time we were at the mall and most of the time we were at BJ's afterward. He's such a goof.

Usually when we go walking at the mall, I set the lad up with a snack cup full of cereal, which he happily munches for the whole 45 minutes. This time, I hadn't brought a cup, so I just had his cereal in a bag, but he'd asked to bring along a couple of his little trucks. So I let him hold the trucks and figured, eh, the cereal's in the bottom of the stroller as a last resort, if and when he gets bored. I was very surprised that the toys occupied Soren the whole time we were walking! I guess I just didn't expect them to hold his attention for that long. Go figure.

This afternoon, Eleri continued to improve upon her unassisted standing skills. On at least a couple of occasions, she balanced on her own for a good 15 or 20 seconds! I'm super impressed. I also bought her some little cereal puffs so she can start practicing her finger food skills. It's kind of hilarious to watch her, first stretching out an index finger, touching it to the puff, then drawing it back toward her waiting thumb and palm in a sort of upside down beckoning motion. Soren, of course, has remembered his extreme fondness for the little sweet potato-flavored stars, so it's a little difficult to set them out for Eleri without him wanting to steal them all away for himself. Frequently he'll go to grab one, be caught in the act, and then take it over to El with a cheerful, "He-grow!" (Here you go), as if that's exactly what he meant to do all along. (Lest you think I am a mean and evil temptress, allow me to point out that I do give him some puffs of his own, but they are rather more expensive than his cereal, and he would easily down the whole canister of them in an afternoon, given the opportunity, so I try to limit his portion size.)

In the evening, I set out again to run 5k on the treadmill. And again I ran it faster than the time before - 28:57 tonight, which is almost a full minute faster than my very first 5k a couple of months ago. Not bad! Now to decide whether I try to continue increasing my speed, or if I start increasing my distance. I kind of loathe the thought of running longer, but I don't know whether speed trumps distance or vice versa, as far as quality of workout is concerned. I know that my shin splints have seemed to get worse with more sprinting, but that was before I was being more disciplined about thoroughly stretching my calf muscles before and after my runs. Thoughts from the runners amongst you?

Tomorrow's playgroup excursion is going to be a trip to Theodore Roosevelt Island, which is supposed to be very cool. I'm pretty excited. And yes, I will obviously be bringing my camera. ;)


ACJC said...

hahaha reminds me of when you try to feed one pet something, and the other pet(s) come steal it. Maybe Leo taught Soren more than you know...

susan said...

Ha. Well I already know Leo taught him that licking the scratching mat is a super fun activity. Given the option, I'd take a little food theft over that any day. ;)

ACJC said...


MC Squared said...

If your doing this for fitness, just get your heart rate in the zone for the right amount of time and stop focusing on total time or distance. Focusing on either would really only be worth while if you were going to start running competitively.

susan said...

I guess my question is one of relative effectiveness. Am I likely to improve my fitness level faster by increasing the intensity of my exertion or the duration? (Obviously, it's best to increase both, but given the choice of one or the other...?)