Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday! Title! Yeah!

Day 158

Day 248

Okay, so remember all that napping Eleri did yesterday, atop her many hours of night time sleep? Apparently it was too much. Sunday night, she was awake for at least a couple of hours from about 3 to 5. Not fussing, not feverish or uncomfortable or sad. Just awake. Chipper, even. Babbling away at me, rejecting all but the very last of my (many) attempts to nurse her back to sleep. It was not the greatest.

You know what was the greatest though? Another drop-off day of preschool! When I went to tell Soren I was leaving, he was momentarily concerned, until he realized that I wasn't going to make him leave with me. It was more like, "But we just got here! I don't wanna...oh, I can stay? Okay bye, see ya." According to the "on duty" moms, he asked about me a few times but was satisfied when they told him I was running errands and would return later. They also got a kick out of the fact that he, apparently, said several times, "I love Mommy! She can drive the car. I love cars. I love Mommy." Hehehe. Such a funny lad.

Eleri and I hit up the library again and then chilled out in the car for a while, in the shade, with the windows down and the lovely breezes blowing. It was quite relaxing.

And of course, when I did return, Soren was very much not thrilled about having to leave his friends, which I realize is a good thing, but man is it annoying. ;) I could do without the tantrums when it's time to go.

Ran some errands, then went home. Hung out for a bit, then went back out for more errands. In the evening, since it was so pleasant out, I did my running outside - 2 miles in 20:19, which is of course not as fast as I can go on the treadmill, but better than I expected to do, what with the changes in elevation and such. I used the Nike+ shoe pod thing to keep track of my speed and distance, so it's possible it wasn't exactly 2 miles, but I'm going to bet it was pretty close. Anyway. We'll see how my legs feel tomorrow, but yay!

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ml said...

Nice work on the running outside!! I use to map out run distances.