Sunday, September 12, 2010

More exploration of local attractions

Day 154

Day 244

Thursday we checked out the Hidden Oaks Nature Center, which is not far away from us in Annandale. They have some neat animal exhibits indoors and a fabulous outdoor wooded play area, where kids can dig and build with the available shovels and other tools. There's a little "water feature" in the play area; Soren ran over and asked, "Is it the ocean?" Before I could stop him, he jumped in the (inch-deep) water, said, "It's the ocean!" and sat down. Hehe. I was glad we'd recently set up that bin of spare clothes in the car. We'll definitely have to go back to that nature center again.

In the afternoon we took advantage of the beautiful weather to trek over to the on-site playground for the first time in many weeks. (There's not much in the way of shade over there, so it's not the most attractive option on the hottest summer days.) Soren played, Eleri crawled around on the grass, and I read a page or two in my book and took some pictures. A lovely way to spend the afternoon.

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