Monday, September 27, 2010

Mulligan Monday

Day 172

Day 262

Some days you'd just like to take a do-over. Reset. Try again. Take another crack at it.

Today (in spite of the title of this post) wasn't really one of those days. More than anything, I just wanted to slog through it and start fresh tomorrow.

Oh, it really wasn't as bad as all that. After all, it was a drop-off preschool morning! But it had been a not great night of sleep, so everyone was feeling less than bright eyed and bushy tailed. Nevertheless, it was rainy and neither too cold nor too warm, and Soren was excited to go hang out with his friends. I keep hearing sad tales from parents who have to drop sobbing children off at preschool. And while I realize that this co-op thing is not the same as a traditional preschool setting, I do love the fact that Soren hardly gives me so much as a second glance when I kiss him goodbye. He's happy to be there, and I'm happy to have some time away from the otherwise near-constant battle of wills we wage daily.

So Eleri & I went off to the library, with the sole purpose of returning some of Soren's books and checking out some more for him (I've got enough on my plate, between the huge brick of a Scarpetta book and a couple of others in the queue). See? I'm a nice mommy, thinking of my willful little lad even as I'm enjoying a break from him. Then we went home and chilled for a bit, even snoozing a little on the couch. Something about the rainy weather makes me even more susceptible to the soporific charms of a warm baby passed out on me. Anyway, before long the time had come to retrieve the boy, so off we went again.

Things kind of went downhill from there. Soren was clearly tired when I arrived to fetch him, but I suspected, correctly, that I had no hope of getting a nap out of him this afternoon. In addition, his little voice was even more froggy than it had been in the morning (at which time I'd just chalked it up to being extra sleepy). So in sum, he was tired, grumpy, and not feeling super great. Huzzah. So we got on each other's nerves a bit more easily than usual, and he was a bit more brittle and whiny than usual, and Eleri decided she couldn't possibly miss out on all this fun by taking an afternoon nap, so she was also tired and whiny. I mean, I'm always happy to see Tom at the end of the day, but on days like these, my relief is even more pronounced.

(Seriously, who's the whiny one here?)

At any rate. I fled the scene, even though I was just plain drained and the very thought of running on the treadmill made me want to collapse. I opted to take my book and ride the stationary bike for 20 minutes instead, which you might say is a cop out, but I would counter that at least I got out of the house and resisted the urge to curl up on the couch instead.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow is a new day! I fear that Soren's frogginess may blossom into a full-fledged late summer cold, but I will cross that bridge in the morning. For now, good night!

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ACJC said...

It would seem Soren and I have "frogginess" in common...don't worry, I won't whine about it ;)