Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A week at once

Been kind of busy around here, lately! Let's get the latest up and posted in one fell swoop.


Day 162

Day 252

Last Friday was our first time hosting preschool at our place. Actually, it was the first time we'd hosted any sort of playgroup event here. It was pretty amusing to watch every single kid make a beeline for the little hobby horse, the moment they stepped through the front door. The wee ones certainly do like toys they can ride on.

It all went pretty well, and when everyone went home, we headed out to pick up some stuff from the library and grocery store. In the evening, I ran a warmup half mile (5 min), a fast mile (right around 9 min), and a fast half mile (4:25), with exercise sets in between. Tiring!


Day 163

Day 253

I had an excellent ride on Saturday. Chaka and I were really clicking. It was almost that feeling of true partnership you get with a horse of your own, riding and working together nearly every day. (At least as close as I'm likely to get with a school horse I ride once a week, and whom other people ride all the time, anyway.) The weather was gorgeous, there were only 3 of us in the class, so we got a lot of individual attention, and everything just kind of came together to make the morning a lovely one.

Tom made some delicious ribs, and we had our friends Chris & Sarah over for dinner. So there was some cleaning and tidying in the afternoon, and then visiting in the evening. Eleri ate some little pieces of biscuit at dinner and seemed to love them. :)


Day 164

Day 254

Sunday morning Tom & Soren had their second swim class, while Eleri and I chilled & did some laundry. I made a salad, which we took over to A's house, where we had lunch. The boys ran around and played outside after we ate, as it was another beautiful day. The whole weekend, it really started feeling like Fall. So nice!

Tasty homemade pizza for dinner, more chores, more lounging about. Another weekend over too fast.


Day 165

Day 255

Monday we had the preschoolers over again. It was my turn to "teach" (I use the term quite loosely, since the majority of what they do is just moderately organized play.), and our theme was "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." You can read the linked post at the preschool blog for a summary and photos. Half the kids were in attendance, while the other half were home with mild colds, and this was kind of both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, there were only 4 kids to keep track of instead of 8. On the other hand, we kind of breezed through all of the activities I'd planned within the first hour. Oops. So we did some stuff (a couple of the songs) twice and read more books than I'd intended, and overall it turned out all right. I'm glad I've got another month before it's my turn again, and I think I've learned some stuff to keep in mind for next time.

Back to the library yet again afterward (we are becoming quite the frequent patrons these days), where we found some good nonfiction books about trains and planes and fire trucks, all topics of great interest for the little dude. One of the train books is a "New True" book (decent link surprisingly difficult to find), which brings me right back to my own childhood. As obnoxious as it can be to have him bombard me with requests to read the same book for the seventh time in a day, I have to admit, I'm completely stoked that he loves reading/being read to.

Monday running didn't quite go as planned. I was hoping to do exercises, 2 miles, then more exercises, but my first mile was much too fast (warm-up half at 6mph, then half at 7mph). I've run 3/4 of a mile at 7mph before, but only a quarter mile at a time, as part of my interval sets. Monday was the first time I ran a full half mile at that pace, all in one shot, and it was more difficult than I anticipated. So I took a break after a mile, did more exercises, then started up my second mile but was still so winded that I only made it through half a mile before having to quit again. Not very awesome. And I didn't feel just winded, but actually short of breath also, as though I couldn't expand my lungs all the way. So that was a little discouraging, but whatever. Now I know that I'm not quite ready to maintain that faster pace for so long.


Day 166

Day 256

Tuesday morning was Soren's first "Let's Make Music" class at the rec center. He's in it with A (their first rec center class together), and while he seemed to enjoy parts of it, he wasn't totally into it on the first day. About halfway through, he managed to leave the room and start heading down the hall toward the soft play room. When I caught up with him and turned him back around, he told me, "I have to go to my class, Mommy." Apparently he misses "Zoom Around the Room" (and who can blame him, really?). I felt bad, but I think he'll grow to like this one eventually. Eleri, on the other hand, was overjoyed. Not only smiling, but chortling with delight at the various instruments and songs. I'm almost getting a 2-for-1 deal on this class. ;)

Tried to take it easy in the afternoon. I hadn't slept all that well the night before, so I was pretty tired. More reading, some balcony trike riding, a brief nap on the couch (for me) with Eleri while Soren played nearby.


Day 167

Day 257

Wednesday we had playgroup in the morning. Soren maybe came to check on El & me twice, but he was pretty much off and running with his pals. I'm glad he has fun and can be social and stuff.

I thought about running errands on the way home, but I was hungry, and Soren was hungry, and Eleri's two attempts at a morning nap had both been severely abridged, so we just went home. I intended to go out again later, but it was rather a bit warmer than it had been, and once Eleri passed out for an afternoon nap, she was down for almost 2 hours. So we bailed on errands and did stuff around the house instead.

My shortness of breath issues from Monday made an unfortunate reappearance for my Wednesday 5k, so I pushed it as long as I could but eventually had to admit defeat after 20 minutes and a bit over 2 miles. Frustrating! I'm not sure what the deal is. Can't blame air quality, since I'm running indoors on a treadmill. I don't think I'm coming down with a cold. Obviously it's not a terribly severe situation, since I was still able to run for a full 20 minutes, with a couple of quarter-kilometer stretches at 7mph (not as much as a quarter-mile, of course, but still an increase in speed). Anyway. I don't really expect anyone else to find this especially interesting; this is more for my own record keeping than anything else. We'll see how Friday goes.

In other news, "Chuck" is back! Yeah, it airs on Mondays, but we finally got around to watching it Wednesday evening. So entertaining. Right up there on my list of favorite shows on television these days.


Day 168

Day 258

Rounding out our massive catch-up post, we have a rather boring Thursday. It was another hot day (seriously, Fall, why must you tease?), and we had no activities on the agenda, so we set out as early as we could manage in order to beat the worst of the heat and get some errands done. I've been making a concerted effort to keep the car more presentable, so I have been therefore taking advantage of the free vacuum availability at the nearby Mr. Car Wash (Monday through Thursday only!). After vacuuming the car, we found a locksmith who was actually able to copy our weirdly-sized house keys. It was actually a company specializing in door installation, but I guess they do some locksmithing as well. Anyway. They have a bunch of sample doors and door-related hardware set up in their lobby, so Soren had a grand old time playing with dead bolts and mail slots and door handles while we waited for our keys.

Grocering thereafter. Then home. It was, unfortunately, too warm to be outside, so we were stuck indoors for the afternoon. Books were read, games were played, more books were read, and finally it was dinnertime.

And now we're caught up! Sorry for the week-long blog silence, followed by a barrage of mediocrity, but I shall try to find more interesting things to write about again soon. And, you know, the videos I keep promising. Those too.


ACJC said...

Comment on "Soren says..."
a. Yes, everyone needs bacon. I'm glad he has learned this so early in life.
b. Perhaps he needed soap for his knuckle?

Anonymous said...

We still haven't watched the new Chuck.

Grandpa J

Anonymous said...

Chuck dies. It's really sad.

susan said...

Yeah, Morgan kills him in a jealous rage. Really an unexpected departure from the lightness of previous seasons.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Can you believe the way Morgan defiled the corpse? That was just in poor taste.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until I know you have missed a new episode of anything...