Thursday, September 30, 2010


Day 174

Day 264

So, we're getting ready to go on a trip, flying cross-country for the first time with both kids. There's rather a lot that goes into planning any sort of moderate-length trip, but when you've got two wee ones in the picture, there's a lot more to consider and deal with. For one thing, you can pretty much forget about trying to pack light. I mean, good grief. Even with one kid it was crazy how much stuff we had to bring whenever we went anywhere, but with two? As my college roommate can attest, I have a general tendency to put off packing until the 11th hour. I've gotten a little better in my "adult" years, but those procrastinatory habits die hard. However, for this trip, Tom & I started putting together lists and making plans at least 4 days in advance of our departure.

As a result, a good chunk of my day on Wednesday was consumed with action items related to trip preparation. Not exactly the stuff of riveting blogging. We did get out of the house in the morning to go strolling at the mall. After our walk, when we went downstairs to let the kids play, Eleri was the most mobile she's been yet, crawling from one side of the play area to the other, usually trying to get (and chew on) peoples' shoes. Silly girl. After the mall, we vacuumed the car and headed home.

Books, chores, list-writing, naps (for at least one of us), more books, snacks, and more chores rounded out our afternoon. When Tom got home, I headed to the store instead of the gym. (My leg muscles were all tight and sore anyway from pushing the stroller up all the hills at the zoo on Tuesday.) Made some vital pre-trip purchases (including some snazzy black dress shoes for Soren to wear with his suit), and then returned home.

I'm getting pretty excited to commence all the visiting of family and friends! But it's also super stressful trying to make sure all our proverbial ducks are in a row beforehand. I know we'll pull it all together in the end - we always do - but hopefully it won't take an all-nighter beforehand of packing. Indeed, I intend to make the most of Soren's preschool time on Friday to get as much done as possible! (You read it here first, folks. Now stay tuned for the follow through.)

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