Monday, September 13, 2010

Toddler triathalon


Day 156

Day 246

After our late night on Friday, we were fortunate to have both kids sleep until almost 9:00. (Tom, too.) Eleri was only up twice, and not until after sunrise, so I felt pretty well rested when I woke up with her the second time (at 7:30) and stayed awake thereafter.

Saturday was another beautiful riding weather day. I had a good lesson, and the afternoon thereafter was suitably lazy. While Tom went running at the gym before dinner, I took the kids outside so Soren could practice riding his tricycle in the parking lot. We were probably only outside for 20 or 30 minutes, but it was enough time for me to recognize that Tom is likely going to have to be the one to teach Soren to drive. I just about lost my ever-loving mind having to keep telling him to stop taking his hand off the handlebars to point at things! He's also not a big fan of using the pedals (I think he possibly doesn't understand the mechanics of pedaling, with the necessary alternating of pressure from one side to the other), and trying to get him to stay in his "lane" (the little jogging path in the parking lot) was difficult as well. It sounds silly, two days later, but it was incredibly frustrating at the time. It wouldn't have been such a big deal if I weren't stressed out about him veering into traffic. (Just parking lot traffic, but traffic nonetheless.)

Getting impatient with Soren (or Eleri) over petty annoyances gives me that rotten parent feeling, which I know isn't really justified, but it's hard to wave off anyway. Yippee.

Eleri's photo from Saturday is just a tiny illustration of her recent experimentation with Drama Queendom. Something doesn't go her way, and she just turns on the waterworks. Sure is tough being a baby. ;)


Day 157

Day 247

Everybody slept great again on Saturday night. Eleri got a stretch of 7 hours, followed by about 3.5 more! It was easily the most soundly she's slept since the fun of teething began. Pretty great.

Sunday morning, Soren had his first swimming lesson. Tom took him, and since El was still asleep for the first 40 minutes they were gone, it was a wonderfully quiet morning for me. I managed to get the zoo prints hung in Soren's room (though not before the little miss woke up to "help" me). They look great!

The rest of Sunday is kind of a blur for me. I think the week's crummy sleep finally caught up with me, and I just had a heck of a time staying awake all afternoon. Which is to say, I failed miserably at staying awake all afternoon. There was much napping on the couch that occurred, and Eleri also slept a bunch, even after her epic 10.5 hours the night before (uh oh, foreshadowing!). Ergo, I don't really have any amusing stories from Sunday, aside from the fact that Soren seemed to enjoy his swimming lesson, which, when combined with the previous day's trike-riding and the standard amount of running around he normally does, inspired the title of this post. Har har.

Okay, one more amusing thing, though not exclusively from Sunday. Eleri has been doing a lot of free-standing these past few days. Even without something in front of her to pull up on, she manages to get herself up on her feet and waver there for a few seconds before plopping down again. It's tres cute, and fairly impressive. (She's got Soren beat by a week or two on this skill, according to his baby pictures.) She's a strong little gal!

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