Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tomorrow is another day

Day 146

Day 236

And thank goodness.

Soren managed to tread repeatedly on my nerves today, pretty much all day. It wasn't great. Plus it was still a thousand degrees outside, so my nerves were already jangled to begin with.

We hadn't been mall walking in a couple of weeks, so off we went. And for the first time, I tried pushing Eleri in the stroller and having Soren "help" me push (we did that during our one brief outing yesterday, and it worked reasonably well). Obviously I couldn't walk as fast this way as I normally do, but I'd brought along the pouch and figured if it became an issue, we could always resume the standard configuration. It ended up not mattering anyway, since after a lap and a half, we were still the only ones there. So we went downstairs, and the kids played for a little while. It was awfully cute to see the two of them sitting in the little fake log tunnel together.

Before too long though, Soren started straying away, and when I asked him if he was ready to go, he responded in the affirmative. But he refused to put on his shoes, so I said he would have to ride in the stroller. So he climbed up and sat there while I gathered Eleri and then strapped him in. At which point, of course, he started whining about wanting to play more and asking for his shoes.

And thus it began.

That was pretty much how he rest of the day went. Little snippets of cute, amid stretches o whining and willfulness. At lunch he decided his water cup was soup and started stirring it with his fork. When I took the cup away, he pitched a fit. I tried painting with him while Eleri was napping, which went well for a little while. But before long he was "done" and then the moment I started putting everything away he was all upset and wanted to keep painting.

I'm trying to be consistent with him, to teach him that his words mean something. Declare yourself finished, and you're finished. But it gets old really fast when every time I follow through on his claims, it only results in more whining. Definitely not my favorite thng ever.

On a happier note, I made some damn fine (if I do say so, myself) sliders for dinner tonight. Three different varieties: BBQ, Mexican and "approximation of the gourmet burgers from Trader Joe's." The "gourmet" burgers had minced onion, red bell pepper and mushroom mixed into the patties, along with some shredded Manchego cheese. The Mexican burgers had a tiny bit of the onion/pepper/mushroom mix, along with some crushed garlic, lemon pepper, cumin, a dash of chili powder and a splash of lime juice. We didn't have tiny buns, so I used biscuits. Came out quite well, I thought, and even Mr. "I only want a peanut butter sandwich" ate most of one and about half of another. Definitely going to have to make these again sometime.

Off to sleep. Tomorrow's a new day, and I'm hoping for the best.


Anonymous said...

So sorry the heat & humidity had you all on edge....that was one of the reasons your grand-parents left the East Coast. Hang in there, Fall is just around the corner! (after the hurricanes, that is)..XOXO Yaya & Buddy

ACJC said...

Terrible twos?

MC Squared said...

I know it's not this easy, but if he's done, why not have him put his stuff away? If he decides he's not done, he can un-put his stuff away and keep playing. Then you don't have to reverse direction on anything you've started to do.

At the mall, this would be a less successful strategy, I'm sure.

"I'm done."

"Put your shoes on."


"Then you're not done."


Tom said...

Well, he's more apt to throw the food/paints/whatever than we are.

I mean, not infinitely more, but we'd like to avoid that mess when possible.