Sunday, September 12, 2010

A very full Friday

Day 155

Day 245

Friday morning was Soren's first "drop off" day at preschool. All summer long, we've been getting the kids together a couple of times a week, getting them used to some of the routines of preschool, helping them become accustomed to one another and to all the moms. Now that fall is here, we're alternating hosting and "teaching" duties, which means that we only have to stay for "class" once or twice a month. The rest of the time, we get to drop the kids off and come back 3 hours later to fetch them! Pretty sweet.

Soren wasn't even a little concerned when I left, which is great. We'd been having kind of a difficult morning up to that point, more or less butting heads over every little thing. I even tried reverse psychology on him, to no avail. Usually, when I change his diaper, we play a silly little game, where I say, "Piernas arriba!" (legs up), and he puts his feet in the air and jokingly says, "Abajo!" (down). That morning, though, he was defiantly refusing to put his legs up so I could get the new diaper on him, and the playful "Abajo" was turning into a very contrary "Abajo." So I tried to trip him up by switching to "Abajo," hoping he would say "Arriba!" and we could get on with the business at hand. But no. Instead he just looked at me all smugly and said, "Yes. Abajo." (That story seems a lot more stupid all typed out like that. Oh well.) Anyway, our morning was continuing along in that sort of vein.

So off we went to preschool. I dropped him off and was freeeee! Eleri and I went to Panera for a bagel and frozen lemonade (I'm a sucker for frozen lemonade). It occurred to me that the last time I'd been to that Panera, I was just nearing the end of my first trimester of pregnancy with Eleri, which would have been right around a year ago. Crazy.

After a leisurely breakfast, we went to the library. Eleri fell asleep in the pouch not long after we arrived, so I got to browse the stacks for a good hour or so, enjoying the quiet. It was lovely. Soren seemed to have a great time while I was gone. Unfortunately, he also didn't want to leave, and we resumed the morning's activity of arguing for the sake of arguing. Yay. Before too long, though, it was time to make our way into the city.

ML was in town, so we were meeting her at Max & Agnes's for dinner. Alice drove down too, to join us. We ordered a ton of (really tasty) Chinese food and made (delicious) lava cakes. It's pretty great to be able to get together with some of our Pasadena friends as often as we do, and very amusing to me that so many of us migrated out here to the DC area.

After much visiting, we made our way home. Both kids passed out in the car (no surprise) but Soren managed to stay asleep through the whole car-to-bed transfer (big surprise!). He was one tired dude. ;)

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