Wednesday, September 08, 2010

"We're going to the lie-bray!"

Day 152

Day 242

Tuesday was a double-library day. In the morning we had playgroup in the meeting room of one library (which ended up being kind of far away from home, as it turned out). It was, as should be obvious from my previous sentence, one to which we hadn't gone before, and when we arrived (late), the door to the meeting room was standing wide open. I was getting ready to stake out a place that would allow me to intercept Soren's inevitable flights toward freedom, when one of the other moms said, "It's okay, you can go ahead and close that door. I think everyone else is probably here, and we all know he won't stay in the room for you with it open." Sigh. Sad but true. But at least, indeed, he was appropriately contained, and he did seem to have a great time. Eleri sat amid a giant pile of Lego-type blocks (the giant, non-choking-hazard ones), happy as a clam, while everyone admired her tiny vertical ponytail.

After playgroup was over, we made our way back across town to "our" library to return books and check out new ones. Soren's been really enamored of this "Mister Small" series by Lois Lenski, so we checked out a few more of those. I'd hoped to grab one or two books for myself, but Soren was being really loud, and my repeated attempts to shush him resulted in a screaming meltdown (on his part, not mine, though only barely). Greeeaaat. I ended up having to drag him toward the exit to check out, as he cried and yelled, "I wanna go home!" for all the patrons (and probably a few people outside) to hear. Boy do I love being the mom with that kid. To be fair, it's an extremely rare occurrence for me; Soren is, the vast majority of the time, remarkably well behaved in public. Anyway. I took a quick glance at the New Releases (located up near the check-out counter) and snagged a book for myself. Love in a Time of Homeschooling. I started it last night, and it's quite interesting so far.

Reasonably mellow afternoon, given the theatrics at the library. Soren was thrilled to read his three new Mister Small books, several times each. I do love that he loves books, and I hope Eleri finds them similarly engrossing.

One more month til Soren's 2 1/2. My, how the time doth fly.

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ACJC said...

He'll be learning to drive before you know it ;)