Monday, September 27, 2010

When I say "Weekend!" you say "Sweet!"


Day 170

Day 260

Saturday morning was another beautiful day at the barn and a fantastic ride. I love feeling like I'm making progress, even in the absence of some specific, competitive goal. At one point, while I was cantering (well, Chaka was cantering), N pointed out my body position as being a great example of how we're supposed to be riding. This probably sounds silly to the non-horsey amongst you, but it was fairly high praise, particularly given my long absence from horsing and more recent maternity-related hiatus. My skills are coming back, and that makes me feel really good. :)

Oh, what else? Pretty mellow day after I got home. Tom got to have some kid-free time of his own, running some errands, and then after he got back, he & Soren worked on the balcony for a long while on his latest construction project. By which I mean Tom worked and Soren mostly got in the way and said things like, "It's my turn to screw!" Hehe. Awfully cute to watch them out there, together. Eleri would have been right in the middle of it all, too, if she could have. As it was, she tried to do her fair share of clean-up duty, finding any spare wood chips and depositing them directly into her mouth. So helpful.


Day 171

Day 261

Sunday morning was another swim class for the guys. Eleri napped, while I made more progress on the stocking. Chores, more Soccer Wave construction, lots of Eleri crawling around making the ridiculous face seen above. I'm not sure if she just discovered the ability to curl her tongue like that or what, but she kept doing it. Pretty hilarious.

That's really about all I've got for the weekend. No major outings, not a lot of note, just some chill-ed out family time. Some damned good chilled-out family time.

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