Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back but behind

We have returned from our lovely holiday, but between the jet lag and the hideous remains of the airplane plague, we're all still very much in the process of catching up and getting back in the swing of things. I'm optimistic, though, that I'll be able to post a bunch more photos and a wee trip summary by Sunday evening.

Soren, actually, is the lone exception to the sickly lot of us. I don't think I heard him cough or sniffle once today (though, admittedly, I may have drowned him out with my own coughing and sniffling). In any event, he's well enough to go to playschool tomorrow, which is great. I know he's missed all his buddies. After we drop him off, Eleri and I will go to the pediatrician's for her 9 month checkup. She's gotten so big, even in just the last couple of weeks! Some pjs that fit her (albeit snugly) before we left are now too small. Crazy.

All right, off to sleep if I can. More soon.

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