Monday, October 18, 2010

More photos

Soren photos from our trip (and the first few days back home) are up now, too.

Some piecemeal updates, since I don't seem to be getting around to putting up a real post anytime soon:

Eleri's checkup on Friday was good. She continues to track about an inch shorter and a pound heavier than Soren, at the same age (he was 30 inches and 20.5 lbs; she's 29.25 inches and 21.4 lbs). Doc said her lungs sound fine, even though she still had a slight wheeze from our travel plague. She was not thrilled about her vaccinations, but she got over the offense quickly.

Since we've been home, it's been all hands aboard the potty train. We've had ups and downs, of course, but I'm hopeful that it'll actually stick this time. Soren's only wearing a diaper at night now, though I did chicken out and send him to playschool in one on Friday. Today, though, since I didn't have to be anywhere, I put him in underpants with a diaper wrap over the top (our stop gap measure to avoid the worse damage from any accidents when we're going to be away from the house), and Eleri & I just sat in the car in the driveway so the moms on duty could call or fetch me in the event Soren needed changing. It worked out pretty well. They only had to get me once, near the end of class, so I'd call that a pretty successful day.

Fall is in full swing, and it's lovely. Supposed to have some more rain tomorrow, which should be nice. :)

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