Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Pack it up, yo

Day 176

Day 266

After we dropped Soren off at playschool Friday morning, Eleri and I returned home to get the packing done. Ever the cooperative lass, El went down for her nap not long after we got home, so I was able to get everything together and organized in short order. All that remained to be packed were the carry-on bags, and it wasn't until I tried to get mine packed that afternoon, with both kids around and awake, that I was able to fully appreciate the ease with which I'd been able to deal with the big suitcase earlier in the day. Hard to fill a bag quickly and in an organized fashion when someone keeps coming behind you and pulling stuff back out the moment you look the other way. ;) Anyway, we eventually got everything ready and were all set to begin our adventure the next day.

Obviously, we've been out west for a few days now and are having a wonderful time. Much too busy to do things like write blog posts. ;) But I assure you we're enjoying ourselves thoroughly and taking tons of pictures, so there will hopefully be some limited updates over the next week and then a glut of uploaded pictures after we get back home. :)

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