Sunday, October 24, 2010

Potty Trained

And just like that, it was done.

Okay, not quite, and I'm sure we'll have some backsliding, but holy crap, people. It was one amazing weekend around here. Saturday, Soren had one accident. And not until 6pm. And it was an accident of the "oops, started to pee my pants but stopped and then finished up on the toilet" variety. And then today? Zero. Something clicked, and Mister has now joined the ranks of the (mostly) civilized excretors. Granted, there are chunks of time in the day when he just wants to keep running into the bathroom every couple of minutes, and sometimes it's a little bit of a struggle to get him to put his pants back on, so it's not completely smooth sailing just yet. But by and large? HUGE improvement. Like, I wouldn't even have believed you if you told me on Friday that the weekend would go this well. Probably would have bet $20 against you.

So I can probably look forward to a fun-filled week of changing wet pants and muttering, "I know you know how to do this..." but we've at least been given a little glimpse of how it will be, eventually. And I've got to say, a potty trained kid is a beautiful thing.

Very briefly, in other news: this weekend I also finally got around to backing up some 30+ gigabytes of photos on DVD and installing the new (to me) version of Photoshop on our computer. So I will resume photo editing and uploading and regular blogging again very soon! Thank you for your patience these last couple of weeks.

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ACJC said...

*high five* congrats!