Sunday, October 10, 2010

Still diggin' the vacay

So, the kids & I are a-sufferin' from a cold, but we are still having a great time. Soren & Eleri have been able to spend some time with their cousins; as you can see from the above photo, this interaction frequently results in moments of extreme cuteness.

Eleri continues to inch closer and closer to toddlerdom. Technically, she did take one step today, but she fell down immediately after. She did, however, bend over to pick up a toy and then stand back up, for the first time this evening. She's getting lots of practice standing and cruising and just keeps getting stronger!

Tom & Soren went to the pumpkin patch/corn maze today while the girlo and I caught a lengthy afternoon nap. Tom took the camera with him and got some fantastic shots, so check out Flickr (just click the above photo to get there) for those. And more!

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