Thursday, November 18, 2010

The beat-down goes on

This morning, I dragged myself and the kiddos out of bed not long after Tom left for work. (Ass-early, in other words.) We had an early appointment at the pediatrician's office to get Soren's stitches removed, Eleri's ears re-checked, and all 3 of us vaccinated. There was quite a bit of "hurry up and wait," as has been the case recently at that office, which is a little annoying but whatever. Soren's sutures came out easy as you please, and his little wound is nicely healed. Eleri's ears look great. And though Soren fought a little about lying down to get his flu shot, just after the nurse finished up he whimpered out, "Thank you." Aww. Off we went on our merry way.

The plan for the day was to run a couple of errands, hang out with A and his mom at their house for a while, and then check out a new music class that someone's hosting through the playgroup. We got through our errands. We got to A's house. The boys played inside for about an hour, and then we all went outside since it was such a nice morning, but we didn't end up staying out that long. Back inside for some more games and a snack. About 2 hours after we'd left the doctor's office, I was in the middle of changing an explosively poopy diaper (thank you, Eleri), and the boys were eating some yogurt, when A's mom suddenly said, "Soren, are you cold? Do you need a sweater?"

Mind you, it was nearly 70 degrees indoors, and Soren was wearing a long-sleeved thermal shirt, corduroy pants and socks. And yet there he was, walking toward us, teeth chattering. Poor little guy continued shivering while A's mom got him a sweater and some hugs, and I finished cleaning Pompeiileri. When I finally got everything cleaned up and could attend to the lad, he was still shivery, and though his hands and nose were chilly to the touch, the rest of him felt more or less normal. No fever, no gooseflesh. I cuddled him until he slowly stopped shivering, and then his temperature started to climb. It hit about 101, by which point I was on hold waiting to talk to the advice nurse at the ped's office. If I set him down for too long, he'd start quivering again, so I just snuggled him on my lap. By this point, it was about 20 or 30 minutes after the initial onset of symptoms. He'd gotten progressively drowsier-looking, until he finally just settled against me and fell asleep.

After a short nap (him) and a conversation with the nurse (me), I dosed him up with some Tylenol and fed him some lunch. Within 15 minutes, he was more or less back to his old self, chasing A in laps around the room, giggling and singing. His fever stayed down until the Tylenol wore off 4 hours later, at which point he devolved back into Hot and Sad Boy, though without the recurrence of chills. Another nap, from which I woke him briefly to give him some Motrin, and dinner, returned him to fine spirits later in the evening. We'll see how the night goes. I'm hoping this will blow over quickly!

Both the nurses I consulted at the doctor's office were kind of perplexed by his symptoms. Once we ruled out febrile seizure (it definitely wasn't that), what he'd been experiencing was kind of just beyond the range of normal possible reactions to the flu vaccine. Their best guess was that he still had some kind of lingering bug from his last bout of badness, and the immune response triggered by the inoculation was amplified by whatever else was going on in his system.

Eleri and I, fortunately, are fine. And I'm optimistic Soren will be all right in the morning. What an odd thing, though.


ACJC said...

Poor boy! That sounds somewhat terrifying...

ACJC said...

P.S. The recent Sorenisms are fricking hilarious