Sunday, November 14, 2010

On the mend again


Day 219

Day 309

Saturday morning, I was back at the barn. The pony who has become my usual mount was off-site at a clinic or competition or something, so I rode a horse named Rebel. We got along all right, but I wouldn't exactly be devastated if I didn't get to ride him again anytime soon. Our class was merged with another one, so there were, I believe, 10 of us riding together in one group. That may not sound like a lot, but it's actually a pretty big crowd. N did something pretty clever, organizing the lesson in the form of a drill ride. This required us to maintain a certain spacing and pay attention to not only our own horse but the other horses around us. It's an interesting challenge that keeps things from getting boring but also keeps things from getting too chaotic and dangerous. Of course, actual proficiency at drill riding requires hours and hours of practice, so we didn't exactly do a great job, ultimately. But no one got hurt, and it definitely wasn't boring. ;)

The afternoon was fairly low-key. By early evening, Soren was once again showing signs of being really tired and crabby, and he ended up passing out on the couch before dinner. We thought he might actually just sleep straight on through the night, but he woke up again after a couple of hours. D'oh. For dinner, we caved to a craving of mine and ordered Chinese food. Eleri ate a bit of fried rice with vegetables but was really a fan of the lo mein noodles (cut into tiny El-sized lengths, of course). Lo mein is, of course, my favorite as well. ;)


Day 220

Day 310

Took it generally easy today. Tom & Soren got out to the park for a little while, and Tom got to go play soccer in the evening. Eleri practiced walking a bit more, and I made some more progress on the stocking. That's about all!

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A great picture of Soren, there. Action!