Friday, November 12, 2010

The rest of the week in a rush


Day 215

Day 305

Tuesday we had Soren's music class at the rec center in the morning. In the last 8 weeks, he's gotten a lot more enthusiastic about participating in the class, singing along and doing the little hand motions to some of the songs. There's still some escaping to the other side of the room, but less of it, and almost no fleeing out the door.

After class, and some playing on the playground, we set out to run a few errands. Then to home, where we made pizzas for dinner and tried not to get on each other's nerves too much. Soren was pretty tired and crabby in the evening again. I'm starting to think maybe he needs to go to bed earlier, since napping is pretty much out of the question. (If he naps at all during the day, it's a bitch and a half trying to get him to fall asleep before about 11pm. Except, apparently, when we're on vacation in another time zone.) But lately he does seem like, by 7 or 7:30, he's kind of hit a wall, and it doesn't take a whole lot to set him off after that.

The kiddos did get another bath together that evening. They both enjoy that. I ended up, not entirely intentionally, dressing them both in red footie pjs, which resulted in some pretty freaking adorable photos.

Tom got home super late, well after both the weasels were a'bed, though Soren did get to talk to him on the phone around dinner time. It's pretty cool that the lad can have actual phone conversations now. He's growing up.

Just before I put the kids to bed, I chopped up a bunch of vegetables for the crock pot stew I had planned to make on Wednesday morning. This turned out to be a really awesome plan, as it drastically reduced the amount of time I had to spend on prep, come the next morning. Sweet! Score one for being organized.


Day 216

Day 306

Wednesday we walked at the mall in the morning, and then squeezed in another playgroup activity after that, just for good measure. Lots of social interaction for the lad, and even some for the lass. There seem to be more wee siblings turning up, so the group of Eleri's peers is slowly growing. Oddly, now that I think about it, they're pretty much, if not entirely, all boys. Huh. Anyway, she does seem very intrigued by other people her same size.

The stew came out all right. I overdid it on the thyme. Tom was, fortunately, able to come home after "only" 8 hours of work that day, so he was around for dinner time with the rest of us. He recommended (and I'm writing it here for my own future reference) the preparation of a flavorful garnish for Day 1 stew, since it's been my experience that second or third day stew tends to be a lot more flavorful, I guess after everything has had a chance to hang out together in the fridge overnight. Anyway, in an attempt to combat the Day 1 semi-blandness, I'd added more herbs and spices than I usually would, but I kind of took it too far, at least on the thyme. So, next attempt, I'll have to remember to season it as I normally would, and then add a little something to go on at the last minute for the first night of eating.

Eleri tried some vanilla yogurt on Wednesday (as you can see from the photo above). She wasn't a fan. She's doing a pretty darn good job on the finger foods, though. And she did seem to enjoy the beef stew. She ate more of it than Soren did. ;)


Day 217

Day 307

Thursday, Tom had the day off for Veterans' Day, and we ended up getting a fair bit of cleaning and organizing done around the apartment. Early in the morning, Soren insisted we had to "go to Target, to find a pink car shirt for Eleri." Where he got this notion, I haven't a clue, but it turned out we did have to make a Target run later in the afternoon. We didn't have any luck on car shirts, but we did find a sweet Millennium Falcon shirt for him. So it wasn't a total loss. ;)

Eleri took her first steps on Thursday! That's stepS, plural. Up to this point, she'd only managed one unsupported step before falling over, but on Thursday she put two or three steps together, a handful of times. We weren't really successful at catching it on video, though I will check through the footage this weekend and see if any of it's usable. And I'm sure we will get more chances in the coming days. So go, Eleri! It's exciting and scary all at once, the idea of having another walker in the house.


Day 218

Day 308

Today started off with a bang. And some blood. Tom's already posted about it, but as best as we can figure, Soren came padding into our room a bit after 2 in the morn, tripped, and hit his head on our bed frame. This resulted in a pretty deep gash on his forehead, which in turn resulted in lots of blood going everywhere. Mostly on my face and chest, after I hugged him and realized there was a lot more wetness than sweat or tears would account for. After I got him cleaned up and slowed the bleeding, it became pretty apparent that he was going to need stitches. So poor Tom was off with the lad to the ER at 2:30am, home by 4, and then up for work at 6. Oy. Not the best start to a Friday, ever.

We skipped playschool, and the kids slept until about 9 (Eleri) and almost 10 (Soren). Soren seemed pretty okay all day, more or less his usual self. We ended up going to the nature center and playground in the afternoon, so he could blow off a little steam, but he may have blown off a bit too much because he had quite a meltdown as we were leaving the park. Poor guy.

Then, this evening, Eleri decided she needed a matching head wound, and did a face plant on to the edge of our coffee table. Biiiig ol' goose egg on her noggin, though she didn't break the skin. Gawd, can we not keep this children from getting head injuries?!

The week is over. The weekend is here. I'm going riding in the morning, barring any more middle of the night excitement. Hopefully the weekend will treat us all kindly and give us a chance to rest and recuperate!


ACJC said...

Your kids just want head wounds like their mommy! Glad everyone is more-or-less ok :)

susan said...

Soren's is even on the same side as mine, just about half an inch higher.