Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Returning to the present

I'll put Part II of the trip series up tomorrow. For now, here's what we've been up to so far this week.


Day 207

Day 297

This week, Tom started working his super-fun long days, so he's been up and out of the house about an hour earlier than usual. This, combined with the fact that it's staying darker later in the morning, has meant that the kids have been more deeply asleep than usual when Tom's awake and getting ready, so his departure in the morning hasn't woken them. Monday morning, the kids and I slept until 9:00! After I sent a quick text message to the day's playschool hostess explaining that we were clearly not going to make it for the 9:30 start time, I got us dressed and out the door.

Soren had his usual fun time at playschool - here's that day's post on the co-op blog - while Eleri and I returned home. El snacked on finger foods while I blogged and did some chores. After we went back and picked Soren up, it was pretty much business as usual for the afternoon and evening. Reading, trike riding, potty breaks, the occasional time-out, dinner, bedtime.


Day 208

Day 298

Today we overslept again. I got myself dressed and ready and then had to actually wake the kids up so we could go to Soren's music class at the rec center. I guess everyone's been needing the extra sleep! It was a brisk day, so we didn't linger too long afterward at the playground. We stopped to vote and get some groceries on our way home.

Both kids have been doing a lot more eating of "real foods" at meal time. By which I mean, they mostly eat what Tom & I eat. I know, what a revelation. ;) When Soren was first starting on solid foods, we made and froze a bunch of purees for him. We tried to start out kind of simple and then introduce more complex flavors and textures, but we probably waited longer than average to start giving him more stuff he could feed himself. (We didn't have any particular reason for this; just didn't realize he was "ready," I guess. Hey, we were kind of new at it all.) Soren was spoon-fed for quite a while longer, even after he started eating more finger foods. Earlier this year, we got into kind of a quesadilla/chicken nugget/sandwich rut, wherein it just seemed easiest and fastest to make him something "simple" and well-liked, rather than try to adapt our meal into something he could eat. Sometimes this was justified. Frozen burgers, for example, come in packs of two, and it didn't make a lot of sense to thaw two extra burgers just so he could eat one half or one quarter of one. But more often, it was just a strange brand of laziness. (Inasmuch as making an additional meal can qualify as laziness.)

Anyway! The point is, we stopped doing that a month or two ago, and Soren has more or less been eating whatever we eat, at least at dinnertime. (Frequently enough, none of us eats the same thing for lunch.) And Eleri hasn't had nearly as much mushy "spoon food" as Soren did at her age. We had tortellinis for dinner on Monday, and she ate...peas and cut up tortellinis. Tonight we made pizzas, and she ate some little bits of pizza (along with more peas and some shredded cheese). I'm not sitting here trying to say, "Ooh, look how much better we're doing this time around." But it's different. And sometimes the less methodical approach has backfired. We've played a little fast and loose with the introduction of new foods, and when I made a pea soup last week, Eleri ate a few bites and then got a little rash on her face. This wouldn't have been an issue except that the pea soup had a lot of ingredients in it (peppers, green onions, garlic, spinach, corn, chunks of black bean burger, plus some other stuff I'm probably forgetting). So we don't know which thing she reacted to. Oops.

Soren fell asleep mid-way through dinner tonight, and El nodded off not much later. I managed to get the girl transferred to bed, but Soren woke up again while I was trying to get him in his pjs. So he was awake again when Tom finally got home, and Eleri woke up again too. At least they got to spend a little bit of time with him today. I'm glad the super long work days are mostly a seasonal thing.

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