Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two and a half

Since I haven't yet gotten today's photos off the camera, I'll toss up this other post I've been periodically composing in my head.

Soren is 31 months old now. That's 2 years and 7 months. Just over two and a half. And I haven't done a proper "growth and development" post about him for a while, so here we go.

Height and Weight: Um, not quite sure, but I'll measure/weigh him in the morning if he'll put up with it. He's wearing mostly 3T clothes now, though the pants are still way too big around the waist, especially since he's not in diapers anymore. (2T pants, however, are kind of too short. Go figure.)

Teeth: He's got all 20 of his baby teeth.

Vocabulary: Uncountable. I was keeping track of how many words he knew, but I guess I probably quit about a year ago when it became too difficult. I was very amused when, a week or so ago, he started using the word "perhaps." As in, "Perhaps I need a cookie." Or, "Perhaps I should watch some Word World." Hehe.

Physical skills: Running, jumping, climbing (stairs, some ladders), kicking and throwing. He can jump forward now, which he couldn't do for quite a while. Hopping on one foot is still not a skill in his arsenal. He can mostly dress (and undress) himself, though he still needs some assistance now and again. Jackets and sweaters are tricky. He can hang from a bar for a few seconds at a time. And potty trained! That's a physical skill too!

Favorite music: Most anything by They Might Be Giants or Pomplamoose, some other classic kids' songs (Wheels on the Bus, Ring Around the Rosie, ABCs, etc)...Current obsession is "Why Does the Sun Shine?" by They Might Be Giants

Favorite cartoon: Word World (This is kind of a given, as it's the only one he's really allowed to watch. His previous favorite was Dora the Explorer, but I got too sick of it.)

Favorite foods: Tortellinis, mac & cheese, pizza, rice & beans, quesadillas, string cheese, fruit leathers, gummy snacks, apples, Cheerios, peanut butter sandwiches...okay, so he likes a lot of different foods. ;)

Favorite pastimes/games: Reading, pretending everything is a train/truck/bus (complete with sound effects), helping make pizzas, watching out the window for buses and firetrucks

Dislikes: Time-outs, bedtime, having to be quiet for any reason ever

Interests: Trains, firetrucks, letters, tractors, construction equipment, soccer, Eleri

General temperament: He's a toddler. Alternately willful and cooperative, obstinate and sweet, frequently impatient. Time-outs are almost a daily occurrence. But he's also hilarious, curious, imaginative, generous and helpful. It's a mixed bag. As much as he frustrates me, though, I am also really proud of him. (Duh.)

That's about all I can come up with! Soren in a nutshell at 2.58 years of age. Tom - Any major points I'm missing? Anyone else - Other areas/categories you think I should include?


Anonymous said...

Great overview..thanks! What about his interaction with family via skyping?? I hear adorable tales of fun & games. XOXOX :) Yaya

Anonymous said...

Also remarkable was his early mastery of the diversionary tactic.

susan said...

Ah yes, I will add skypibg to the list of his favorite pastimes :)

Was his mastery of diversion and passive resistance all that remarkably early? I just kind of assumed it was one of the first things little humans figure out ;)